Where to Purchase Aftermarket Parts for Your Case IH Cotton Picker

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Cotton farmers and Case IH dealers are familiar with the problems of where to purchase Case IH aftermarket parts for your cotton picker.  

Whether it’s manufacturing quality, supply chain delays, or even specific item availability, these all impact time and profitability.

Together with these problems, finding spares online or at the local dealer can have further knock-on effects when the parts either don’t arrive on time or when they do, they’re the wrong ones.

The impact is either a minor irritation or, at worst, a critical issue that affects your ability to harvest.

So, what’s the solution when faced with this problem?

Surprisingly, many new channels are opening up, but you need to do your homework before trusting an unknown source.

We hope to help answer these questions for you, below.

Routine Maintenance & Inspection

Once your cotton picker is out in the field, the wear and tear will continue until the job is done. So the best way to ensure that your harvest proceeds without delay is to be pre-emptive and follow a strict maintenance schedule with regular inspections to confirm that all is well with your equipment.

The usual culprits are spindles that need adjustment or replacement, doffers wearing out, or even airflow being inhibited and cleared at the end of a hard day.

Regular replacement of fuel filters and oil filters is critical to the smooth running of machinery and leaving it till something goes wrong is a recipe for disaster.

With all the critical equipment being monitored constantly, there’s no excuse to let regular maintenance slide.

Cotton pickers work well only when the fine tolerances between the working surfaces are maintained.

And it’s at these times that you must have reliable and trusted suppliers to provide you with the spares and replacement parts in the shortest time possible.

A good supplier will also offer service advice and recommendations to make sure that you get the result you need.

Despite the newcomers to the market, with their lower prices and supposedly quicker delivery times, experience counts.

Manufacturers and suppliers with many years in the industry have a detailed understanding of what it takes to keep your equipment out in the field where it belongs, and not in the shed or at the mechanic getting it fixed.

Where Should You Order Your Spares?

Original or OEM parts are best, but they are pricey. After-market spares are a cheaper option but can be of a lower quality if not purchased from a suitable supplier.

Many farmers opt for American-made after-market spares as opposed to imported ones. The reason is not hard to discover as sub-standard steel or short-cuts in the manufacturing process cause delays and further damage that could have been avoided if a more suitable, quality part was used.

We recommend that you consider a supplier who keeps up to date with the latest developments and innovations that make Case IH cotton pickers as good as they are.

One such supplier is Certi-Pik USA, a highly respected fabricator and supplier of cotton picker parts and spares.

Their spares are available via an online ordering system for speed of delivery or through your local distributor.

Certi-Pik offers spares for IH Case, as well as many other well-known American-made agricultural equipment manufacturers. There’s a huge selection of cotton picker parts and spares available which are manufactured either in-house or by their selected and highly reputable local fabricators.

Their experienced staff is available telephonically for advice and suggestions. You can save yourself a lot of money and time when talking to them about the problems you are trying to resolve as they have many years’ experience to fall back on.

If you are rebuilding, repairing, or replacing worn items, they have whatever you need to get the job done.

Many firms fall down on their delivery and service obligations, but fast shipping and quick delivery is the norm with Certi-Pik. This is made possible due to the stock levels they carry and the knowledge of more than 50 years of providing service to the farming community.

There’s no need to get stuck trying to locate a particular part, as the online manuals, diagrams, and schematics provide an easy-to-follow guide to the correct choice.

If you’re still not sure, then either email or phone them and they’ll be more than happy to find exactly what you need.

Alternative Suppliers

Your local dealer will no doubt carry Certi-Pik products. But if not, they can order what you need very easily by contacting them for you.

Farm Parts Store

FarmParts Store supplies original parts and spares via an online store. They offer cost-effective solutions for replacement parts for a variety of agricultural equipment.

They’ve access to the major manufacturers of OEM and aftermarket replacement parts, with a listing of over 170,000 parts.

Their integrated shopping cart and delivery solutions ensure that you get your orders as soon as possible.


Despite what you may think, eBay has become a surprisingly big supplier of agricultural spares and replacement parts. If you are looking for alternative options for locating and ordering your spares, then it’s worth your while checking out what eBay has to offer.

You are covered by a shipping insurance policy, but it’s limited to $50. So, you must bear in mind that there is the possibility of online fraud and you need to be on your guard against buying from unverified sellers who have no track record of successful sales.

Alibaba Marketplace

Alibaba is an online marketplace that offers a huge quantity of agricultural parts and spares.

However, you will not have a service and advice option when buying on this platform. On the plus side though, the prices are competitive. You may also experience delays with your orders due to international shipping issues.

Southern Marketing Affiliates

SMA offers more than 50,000 agricultural-related parts. They have four distribution centers across the country where they offer same-day shipping.

With a track record spanning more than 50 years, this company takes pride in its professionalism and customer service. So, if you have an issue that you need to resolve, then giving them a call is well worth the effort.

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