Brain Training and Health Control Applications for The Elderly

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Elderly age is a time when a person needs help, and modern technologies come to the rescue in difficult situations. They allow old people to feel relatively independent and safe. There are many applications for tablets and smartphones designed specifically for people over 65. They remind about medicine intake time, help to communicate with friends and family, etc. An old person alarm system provides security and guarantees quick help in case of an emergency. It can be difficult for old people to learn how to use technical innovations, but sometimes it just has to be done.

Rescue Services

No one has immunity to cases when urgent help is needed. For older people, this is especially important, as due to the age they may not quickly deal with extreme circumstances. However, they can use popular apps, which sometimes can save a person’s life.

·        Severe situations. These include cases when a person cannot speak and make decisions. A person cannot even tell his or her name, give info on medical history, about allergic reactions on drugs and so on. All this information will be provided by the special v.SOS application. It contains all medical information about a person in both text and voice formats. It can be installed on Apple gadgets and Android-based devices, as well as it can save 5 key telephone numbers. To make it work, it is enough to press the red button. Red Panic Button is another popular application that sends a message with the location of a person after the button is pressed.

·        First Aid and CPR. Not all people know how to give first aid to a person who suddenly feels bad. Still, the knowledge of the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation can save somebody’s life. There is a special application that can quickly and efficiently provide all the necessary information. It is called the American Red Cross First Aid App and it is available for free. The application provides articles, photos, and videos dedicated to first aid treatment.

Mental Training

Over time, cognitive functions of a person fade away, especially if they are not trained regularly. Mental stimulation apps allow older people to maintain quick response and to keep in good memory. Also, such apps help deal with boredom. Lumosity and CogniFit Memory are popular free concentration training programs. For book lovers, there are such apps as Nook, Kindle, and iBooks.

Take care of your elderly relatives – show them how to operate their smartphones for the benefit, and that will make their lives much safer.