Can massage chairs hurt your back?

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Are you in a confusion to purchase a massage chair questioning – can massage chairs hurt your back? A potential benefit of using a massage chair is to relieve back pain. Experience and studies show massage chairs could trigger some back pain. How come this happen at the same time?

In fact, the first time use of a massage chair can cause some pain. Experts say about this that your body is ‘not used to therapy’.

When muscles get stiff and all on a sudden there is an agitation there, you understand the after effect. They start aching. This doesn’t mean that the massage chair has developed issues 

Experts have stated that back pain could exist for the first three to four sessions. Gradually, your spine would adjust the massage. Even though you may find your muscle sore at the beginning stages of using a recliner, you’ll find benefits on the rest of your body.

After you understand the underlying reason for back pain triggers by using a massage chair, it is pertinent that you do not stop the massage sessions. 

The pains caused by massage chair therapy are similar to the aches and pains when you start up exercises and workouts after a long gap. Remember that human body muscles react to pressures when they were in rest for a long time. This natural tiny tears and tissues cause some pain and it’s quite natural. However, if your pain is acute, we strongly suggest that you consult your physician.  

If presently you have back pain and considering to purchase a massage chair, ask yourself whether the pain is due to tightness or tension of muscles from stress? In such a case, massage chair would be very helpful because it stretches your joints and loosen the tight knots. On the other hand, if you have got an injury or have an apprehension of having internal damage, please don’t hesitate to consult your doctor.

To get relieved from back pain, use the massage chair at least 15-20 minutes every day. Increase gradually after a couple of weeks to avoid any sort of soreness. It is your body and you feel it the best; therefore, we advise that you see how you feel your joints and muscles at each stage. Having adequate water and avoiding lactic acid is important during the massages. 

You should understand the adjustable features carefully and relax on your massage chair according to your comfort. Positioning yourself on the recliner is important to rightly use the chair.

You should not neglect to use all massage chair parts. When you’re using the massage chair options ‘unevenly’ the body does not get a ‘rational massage’. Suppose if, for instance, you are neglecting your head but having massage only on your neck this leads to lopsided massage. Some people fully avoid the lower limbs, such as the legs and this also result in the wrong way of massaging.

Product materials, height, and weight capacity are important considerations. Check these carefully before you purchase and start using a massage chair.

It goes without saying that someone who has a medical condition and someone who suffers from exhaustion and stress isn’t the same. In the latter case, you’ll get the massage chair benefits. To get the best results from a massage chair, learn the use and procedure of adjusting your body with it. When you can avoid the common mistakes of using the massage chair, you’ll find that the overall experience is great for you!