Gorgeous perfume boxes for him

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Gorgeous perfume boxes for him Perfumes are attributed to aroma and fragrance. Not only women, but men also love to use them. Perfumes are the delicate products which need to be handled with great care. In order to preserve their fragrance specially designed perfume container is used. These perfume bottles are then packed in durable perfume boxes wholesale to provide ultimate protection. Hundreds of men’s perfumes are available in the market, but the truly iconic are the ones which have an outstanding fragrance and wonderful packaging. Although you have a great collection of perfumes, still you get attracted towards the custom perfume boxes which look highly adorable. No one can stay away from purchasing these signature fragrances. If you want your perfume brand to be successful in the market, design its packaging in a way which goes parallel to the product’s characteristics. Looking for gorgeous perfume boxes for him with a tempting fragrance, below are some of the most recommended ideas:

1) Scentbird for Men:

The best perfumes for men are those which evoke the emotions and complement their personality. Scentbird provides you with a wide collection of perfumes with a perfect combination of both. The perfume packaging is adorably designed in black color to give a luxurious touch. The sleeve box is just sufficient to impress anyone. Scentbird also provides perfume subscription boxes on monthly basis. Its pack consists of three small perfume bottles which help you in finding a perfect signature scent for you.

2) Guess Man:

Guess Man is a luxury perfume with a playful and intense fragrance. The perfume acts as a perfect companion for the men who are sharply dressed. It contains spicy notes of white pepper, ginger, and nutmeg balanced with the aroma of fresh lavender creating a perfect fragrance. Other notes to look out are sandalwood, wormwood, Peru Balm and spiced amber. As it contains many of the natural ingredients so the perfume boxes wholesale are designed in a minimalistic way to give an elegant and natural look.

3) Dior Homme Intense:

It is one of the modern masterpieces from Dior with the perfectly designed perfume packaging for a muscularity touch. It has acted as a game changer for the designer world. Its high-end luxurious and bold packaging has received a number of compliments so far. The scent is well-constructed and extremely sophisticated. Whether you are out on a dinner, birthday party, wedding or a family get together, its fragrance is just perfect for any formal or informal gathering and even in the cold weather.

4) Creed Green Irish Tweed:

There are few things which never get old with time. They retain their charm and elegance even after many years. Green Irish Tweed, also known as GIT, is one among them. It was initially launched in 1985 and has become a signature scent of many celebrities. Its unique fragrance is a symbol of wealth, confidence and simplicity. It implies that the man wearing it is a true gentleman. GIT is a versatile scent and it is a bit inoffensive as well. You can use it in all casual and formal gatherings. Although with the passage of time the manufacturer has worked on the design on custom perfume boxes the scent has retained its fragrance for years. The perfume packing comes in a combination of white or black with gold touch. Putting on two to three sprays of it makes you feel re-energized and ready to go!

5) Versace Pour Homme:

If you prefer the use of fresh scents over the sweet ones, this is the best option. Versace pour Homme is a citrus scent. It is perfect for daytime use during summer, spring and fall months. It contains top notes of lemon, rose and bergamot mixes with middle notes of cedar, geranium, and hyacinth. Base notes contain a touch of amber and musk. The perfume container is elegantly designed with a silver cape giving it a royal look. The scent is just perfect for office use or other outdoor gatherings. People will definitely turn over their heads as you walk. It has an inspiring fragrance but not over-powering. The perfumes boxes are designed in royal blue color to add to the exotic touch.