Complete Guide for Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa (Subclass 482)

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Students who want to work & to live in Australia need to know the complete procedure of Visa Service of Australia. Firstly, The Department of Home Affairs updates their terms and conditions recently to get a visa for Australia. Department of home affairs gives a new name to a system that is TSS Visa. TSS Visa means Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa.

Generally, if you want to change their country as well as want to go to Australia then students first need to contact a Migration Agent Australia. Migration Expert Australia guides students properly how to do all process of visas. The students who want detailed information about visas then they can get information about it from a complete guide to get visa services in Australia.

The complete guide discusses what is TSS 482 Visa?  Also, it is very important for students to know all things about TSS Visa and Subclass 482. If students don’t read the complete process to get TSS Visa then youth can fall in any dangerous situation and legal action can be taken against in that case. So visa applicant needs to do every process of visas very carefully.

What is TSS 482 Visa

Visa applicant must have proper knowledge of TSS 482 visa before applying it. The Department of Home Affairs updates some eligibility requirements for Visa in Australia that it is essential for every applicant to know about it before applying for visas. Students need to follow all the steps to get a Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa 482 in Australia. Government officials add some new rules in this Visa that are listed below.

TSS Visa 482 has two main streams, first is Short Term Stream and second is Medium Term Stream. There is another stream available that is Labor Agreement Stream but it is only available in exceptional cases. These visas, students can apply for residing inside and outside the area of Australia.

Streams of TSS 482 Visas

There are two streams of temporary skilled shortage visa.  Knowledge of Two streams of TSS visa 482 is necessary to apply anywhere. Lack of knowledge & information create problems for visa applicants. So it is necessary for students to meet with visa consultant officer to know the exact difference between Short Term Stream and Medium Term Stream.

Short Term Stream

This stream is only available if students don’t want any Permanent Visa in Australia. On the other side, if a student’s main purpose is to go to Australia for work then this stream is the best for students. For this, firstly visa applicant needs to contact a visa company & then after documentation of files students is able to go to Australia through Visa Company.

Main Points of Short Term Stream of Temporary Skilled Shorted Visa (Subclass 482)

· Validity: 2 Years unless international trade obligation applies

·         Visa Fee: 1150 Dollars

· Renew: Only once (Students can renew short term stream once in life)

·         English Language Proof: 5 Bands

·         Work experience: Minimum 2 Years

·         Police Clearance required

·         Age Limit: No limit

· Residency: No permanent residency

Medium Term Stream

If a visa applicant wants permanent residency in Australia then you need to choose medium term stream. There are also some conditions to get permanent residency in Australia. Candidates must have patience then with efforts students get permanent residency in Australia. For the permanent residency in Australia, students need to wait for 3 Years.  So students have to choose any stream according to their requirement.

Main Points of Medium Term Stream of Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa (Subclass 482)

· Validity: 4 Years

· Visa fee: 2400 Dollars

· Renew: Unlimited Times (Yes you can renew this stream when you want for unlimited time)

·         English Language Proof: 5 Bands

·         Work Experience: 2 Years

·         Police Clearance required

·         Age Limit: No limit

· Residency: Permanent Residency after 3 years

Labour Agreement Stream

This is the third stream of TSS Visa (Subclass 482). Yes, an employer can sponsor a person as labor in Labour Agreement Stream. It is fact that a person can go to Australia as labor through Labour Agreement Stream. Australian Government allows that a person can live there if the guys have the same skill that needs in this field. To apply for this visa, there is a need to contact an Australian Migration Expert and after approval of documentation of files, students come to Australia through TSS Visa (Subclass 482).


If the visa applicant has to fulfill all the conditions that come under TSS Visa (Subclass 482) then go to Australia otherwise not. In the contemporary era, students choose any stream to go to Australia & to develop their career prospects. If students have any query related to TSS 482 Visa then guys get possible information about TSS Visa from visa consultancy office. Selection of best consultancy office makes the journey of Australia for further studies possible within no time.