Corporate Event: 8 Activities Employees Will Love

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Ever heard of the phrase that teamwork makes dreams work? Well, teamwork is just as essential in the office as it is on the sports field. Having open communication within your office team can make the job more fun while you finish your tasks efficiently.

A way to strengthen your bond is to cultivate it through collaborative activities. Be it games or group tasks, building the bond between your employees is important since it affects your business as well. 

As an employer, your workers must get along to maintain a healthy and friendly environment for each of them to collaborate. Here are 8 team-building activities that can strengthen that bond:

Invite the whole office for volunteer work

Volunteerism is greatly appreciated inside and outside the office. Volunteer work can include organizing an event to feed the homeless, visiting hospitals for children, building houses for the poor, and so many more community projects you can work on together. 

Not only does this activity cultivate your cooperation with one another, but the euphoria of sharing with other people some blessings is a different feeling of gratification in itself. 

Take a tour with the team

Go on tours in your home city or in other places you’ve never been before. Go on an adventure with your workers and introduce to them the beauty that is hidden within the urban areas of your city. 

The exhilaration of visiting new places can also heighten their enthusiasm when they’re with their workmates. New experiences and travel destinations can surely make their days in the office more memorable.

Let loose with some wine

Research studies have suggested that wine can be a gateway to opening up someone’s creative side. You can even use this to your benefit and let loose with your workers with some sparkling glass of Chardonnay or champagne, especially during special occasions.

Bring out the wine glasses on nights when you need to spark new ideas on the drawing board. Let them be as comfortable as they can to surely let those creative juices flow. If your team is too stiff and tense while you plan out your future proposals, they’ll most likely be too nervous to even come up with any ideas at all. 

Breakout rooms for your team

Growing up, most of us have at least experienced a fun little day in the arcade at least once in our life. The competitive side within all of us would be awakened as you’d scroll from machine to machine, finding the perfect game to collect your tickets and win against.

Sometimes, don’t you miss that innocent fun in your adult life? Well, have no fear because breakout rooms for grownups are a perfect idea. Arcade gaming with your team can be their chance to break free and entertain themselves with whichever game suits them. They can feel like kids again after spending so much time hunched up in their office chairs and re-awaken their competitive spirit. 

Escape rooms

Escape rooms require critical thinking and absolute cooperation so you can finish your task within the given time limit. This can develop their communication skills and test their teamwork, all the while being entertained by the riddles, clues, and tasks at hand.

Think of this as a training exercise outside the office. There’s a deadline they need to achieve and a goal they need to reach. It’s the perfect analogy to working in the office with their teammates.

Special vacation

Just like you, your employees need their fair share of relaxation too. Maybe a day at the beach or at a peaceful rest house where they could stretch their legs and relax their minds from the office can surely recharge them.

And, if you want to capture this moment so you can relish it in the future, try hiring a videography service that can document it. At least you would no longer be bothered to accomplish this responsibility yourself as you bask in the relaxing ambience. 

Rope courses to try out

A little bit of indoor and outdoor fun. Try your hand at professional rope courses to let loose of your wild side. 

Being inside the office most of the day and week can be a cramping experience, but once you let the adrenaline consume you when you’re out and about, you would need all that pent-up energy into this one exhilarating adventure.

Have fun on a trampoline

Bouncing around on a trampoline can be a cathartic and mindless experience. You and your workers can feel like a kid again while you bounce up and down to let your fun side out.

Your team wouldn’t need to expend any amount of brain power for this fun activity. Just let yourself go and relish the fun.

Teamwork is vital in the workplace, and as their employer, you have to make sure that the healthy relationship between your workers must be maintained throughout the year. If you’re out of ideas, try opting for help fromcorporate event planners in Toronto. They can give you all the fun recommendations you would need in honing your team’s bond. 

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