DesignCap Review: Design an Attractive Flyer Easily and Effortlessly

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As a brand new cafe, it is a challenge to advertise your company and attract customers. You find out design a commercial poster or flyer is an excellent choice to promote your food, environment or something else. But it is still expensive to hire a graphic artist to design posters and flyers. Fortunately, there is a way to design a professional and attractive flyer. With the development of technology, there are a lot of programs out there can quickly and easily help you finish this design task.

One of these is DesignCap, which is a free online service which enables you to design poster and flyer with various types of templates. I have enjoyed designing a poster with DesignCap, and in this post you’ll get a Beginner’s guide to DesignCap. You can also try it out and design a professional flyer by yourself. In this article, I’ll introduce you to how you use DesignCap to create an attractive flyer.

To use this tool, you don’t need to register or login in. All you need to do is enter the homepage. By clicking on the “Make a Free Flyer” button, you are directed to the design area. Here you can choose many customizable functions for you to work with. The features are as follow: 

  • Template –  There is a lot of different style of templates, where you can choose which type design you want. For example, it is available for some essential templates: missing flyer; promotional flyer; movie poster; festival poster and so on. You will find if you do not need to start from scratch, because you can select a pre-defined template in one of several categories.
  • Photo – You can upload an image from your personal library or import a photo from your Facebook account. What’s more, you can choose photos from the photo library which contains 580 thousand images.
  • Text – With a simple click, you can insert various texts. Of course, it is easy to customize it at your pleasure. Such as adjusting size, position, rotation, changing color, effect, and managing layers.
  • Clipart – It is available to add shapes, icons, animals and other personalized content. All you have to do to use them is just drag it from the left menu, and you’re your design. From here you can then change the property and effect of the icon.
  • Background – You can select different backgrounds it provides, including solid-colored background, gradient-colored background, and some other patterned background. With a click, it is easy to modify the background colors of the flyer as a whole.

When you are satisfied with your graphics, you can press the “save” button. Here you get the opportunity to save in different formats and different sizes. You can also share the result in social networks by clicking on the “share” button.

DesignCap is one of the simplest editing tools with different features for creating posters and flyers because it aims to simplify all processes. It works directly through the web without the need for download and installs. And the interface is quite concise. All sections are nicely divided and organized through a left side menu, which expands according to the selected function. Last and perhaps more importantly, it is entirely free to use, does not leave any watermark in the final files. Overall, DesignCap is a basic tool, but competent in designing professional posters and flyers.