Things you can make out of cereal boxes

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Cereals are one of the most frequently consumed food items. People of all ages love to eat them. They are the basic products in the grocery basket of each supermarket. Moreover, there is no such house where you do not find a number of empty cereal boxes lying in some corner or getting disposed of in the recycling bin. Customers always get fascinated with the attractive color scheme of the cereal boxes. Even the children are attracted to the eye-catchy packaging. Although throwing them in the recycling bin is a good option but a number of people do not want to dispose of them. They think of utilizing them in an interesting way. If you search on the Internet you will find unlimited ideas to make something creative out of these cereal boxes. Using the cereal boxes design in a creative way is a fun project. It fascinates your kids and motivates them to try something new. Even your guests will get surprised by your creativity. You can decorate your house in a beautiful way or make a number of storage organizer items for your children. Below are some of the interesting crafts you can make out of cereal boxes:

1) Handy drawer dividers:

These drawer dividers are just perfect to fulfill your decorative and functional needs. Take a few cereal boxes with bright colors and attractive patterns. Remove their lid. Cut out in half lengthwise or whatever size you like. You may cover them internally with a colored paper to give an alluring view. They are extremely easy to make. Place them in your drawer as dividers and use them to store a number of things like keys, stationery, notes, pens, markers, paper clips and much more. This will keep your stuff organized without messing up space at the hour of need.

2) Spools for embroidery floss:

If you need some new spools for the collection of your embroidery floss, using cereal boxes ideas is the best way to address your need. It’s a quick and easy way out. You need nothing to purchase from the market, just make a template using any of your old spools. Cut it down from the sides. Take a few empty cereal boxes and make them flat by removing the joint ends. Copy the template on them and cut accordingly. Wrap the embroidery floss around them and surprise everyone by your colorful collection and display.

3) Creative gift box:

If you are late for a party and short of time to purchase a gift box from the market or order it online, cereal boxes can help you in this situation. One of the interesting cereal boxes ideas is to make a cute little creative gift box. All you need is an empty box and a pair of scissors. If you want to keep it simple just make some simple fold and your gift box is ready. To design it in a creative manner, download the template from the internet. You can make the lock in a number of shapes like heart, tree or whatever you like. Open the taped ends of the cereal box and make it flat it flat to obtain a large sheet. Copy the template on it. By following some simple folds, you can easily make an attractive gift box in no time. Keep the printed side outside so that you need not to cover it. These little boxes are enthralling enough to excite the recipient. Gorgeous perfume boxes for him.

4) Easter egg baskets:

Making Easter baskets out of empty cereal boxes for sale is a fascinating idea especially during the holiday season. It would be a perfect craft for your kids. The children will be more than delight by weaving a beautiful Easter egg basket on their own. An easy way is to cut long strips out of cereal boxes. Equalize them in length to obtain a greater finish. Start weaving the baskets from the bottom. Apply glue at the ends to fasten. Similarly, move towards the sides. Keep the printed side of the cereal boxes in the front to provide a mesmerizing view. Cut a thin long strip from the cereal box to make a handle. Fix it from both sides and let it dry. Put the Easter eggs in it. This all-purpose basket is a good contribution to your fun holiday activities.

5) Cereal box bookmark:

If you have lost your bookmark, you need not to worry. Cereal boxes can solve your problem in a second. It is a two minute craft. Just cut a strip out of cereal boxes design of your required size. Punch a hole at the top. Tie a colorful ribbon on it and you have done. They are pretty awesome, colorful and adorable. Moreover, you can make a number of them and gift them to your friends.