9 Benefits of KVM switches

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There are many things to consider regarding KVM switches & HDMI KVM switches such as single or double head support. The main benefits of this technology include:

Protection of the network and cyber intrusion through secure KVM switches.

KVM secure switches are devices that allow access to the network with different levels of security. This prevents unauthorized access to the network and guarantees the isolation of multi-domain data, as well as restricted switching and partitioning of video and data. By being able to isolate between a secure and an unsecured network, users have access to both systems from a user station, thus saving space and costs. Users can manage, troubleshoot and configure IT equipment commonly found in remote offices and computer racks: including servers, blades, switches, routers, network appliances, switchboards, firewalls, load balancers and power distribution units . This is especially important in the case of command and control operations, including those of the Government, the military and Defense. The most important features of secure KVM switches are secure port switching, data channel isolation, restricted USB connectivity and user data protection.

Configuration of dual monitor/multi monitor KVM switching

The dual monitor and multi monitor KVM switches are available as single-user desktop KVM switches and matrix KVM switches. This feature allows users to enjoy an extended desktop experience and at the same time easily access all connected computers from a single console.

Configuration of multiple PC

There are many tasks that can only be performed or carried out much more easily using a certain type of computer. An example of this could be a software application designed specifically for MAC OS. In addition, it is common for users to have laptops for mobile use and a PC for home use. By investing in a KVM switch, users can switch from one device to another.

Extended desktop experience without compromising the processing power of the CPU.

Those who use computers for demanding tasks such as video editing, often find that they need to take full advantage of a computer to do it effectively, which means that the performance would suffer if they used the computer for other tasks. In 4K post-production scenarios, high-performance stations are needed to get an effective job. When switching between multiple computers connected to a controlled storage system, several users can share access to workstations dedicated to editing, changing colors and performing visual effects. This helps save money on hardware and software while simplifying post-production.

Server console management and network troubleshooting.

KVM switching allows IT staff to access several servers in an IT room or servers and perform remote device management, self-discovery of new units, access control of users and grouping of logical devices.

Software testing in a configuration with several operating systems.

KVM is also essential when testing products such as software applications. Product developers may need to check the operation of their products with various operating systems, to ensure their proper functioning in all of them. A KVM switch allows quick change of views between various operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Ubuntu. KVM switches allow you to test the software on a real system without the need to use additional hardware resources.

Remote file management

In combination with KVM extenders, KVM switches allow a remote user to easily share files from a mass storage device located in their workplace: a USB flash drive or an external hard drive, for example, to several computers. Thanks to the reduction of time and travel, you will obtain significant cost savings.

Remote virtual desktop and Virtual Networking Computing

KVM over IP switching with Emerald Unified KVM from Black Box allows the execution of several virtual remote desktop sessions to control multiple servers from one user station . It allows high-speed access to applications such as operating system patches, software installations and diagnostic tests. Operators will be able to map DVD and CD-ROM and other digital storage media to a remote server, control several connected servers from the same connection session or even access and distribute virtual media with data encryption.

Safeguard critical IT equipment in a safe and climate controlled environment.

Combined with KVM extenders, KVM switches provide access to multiple servers and remote PCs from a single peripheral interface and at the same time ensure critical hardware in a temperature controlled environment, away from workstations. Users enjoy the same experience at their workplace but without the noise, heat and without tangles at the table.