How Teaching with Crosswords Help Improve Overall Performance of a Child?

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Today, we require an education system that should have academic excellence as well as helps in the holistic development of a child. Children are like clay in the potter’s hand. Adults can mold them during childhood the way they desire.

Schools are the hub of intellectual activities and over the years, there have been processes of redesigning and redefining the education techniques. Crosswords have been introduced in the curriculum long ago and the outcome has been excellent.

Why teachers have adopted crosswords

It didn’t take much time for teachers to realize the educational possibilities of crossword puzzles. The opportunities for educators to create custom crosswords based on curriculum was a fun job. In addition to this, with the advent of the Internet age, tutors got access to a number of online programs that help to build interesting, short and crisp educational word search puzzles for a particular subject. Crossword puzzles have been used in the education system for many years and they have displayed exceptional benefits.

When the child is solving a crossword, you can expect three basic skills that will be improved:

  • Cognitive Skills
  • Logical reasoning
  • Emotional Skill

The educational value of crosswords

Firstly, solving crossword puzzles involves an altitude of useful skills inclusive of vocabulary, reasoning, spelling and word attack. When someone starts solving a daily crossword, the individual must be able to understand and identify the terms that are being used. This further involves new vocabulary as well as terminology. Plus, it may include differentiation between similar words or phrases. When you decipher a crossword, it is necessary that you know the right spelling otherwise you won’t be able to solve it correctly. There are a few other skills required to complete these puzzles: making inferences, evaluating choices and drawing conclusions. Crosswords are associated with recreation and this can be less intimidating with students as review tools.  They learn to be patient as well. Losing temper doesn’t help, else they won’t be able to complete the puzzle within the given time span. check out How Should You Spend this Weekend Productively?

Students who don’t like studying, find puzzles interactive and a fun game. Puzzles are active types of learning and engage more and more students as compared to the passive type of review techniques. They also have the advantage of learning to different styles. Visual learners love puzzle solving and feel great when it is completed. Auditory learners like to move ahead with step by step reasoning so they admire the sequential steps of completing the puzzles. The best part is that free crossword puzzles online can be customized as per the study content. Puzzle creation apps and software are in abundance and easy to use. So, everyone can effortlessly use and create curriculum specific crosswords hassle-free.

Crosswords makes them more competitive

Problem-solving skill

Puzzles provide your child with the opportunity to practice the hit and trial technique to find the solution to the problem. They are perfect for teaching them how to face challenges. Supposedly, the online crossword is the only game that can’t be completed by cheating. The only way to finish and solve them completely is to exercise patience while staying focussed.

The hand eye-coordination

With the help of fine motor skills, thinking about the answer, connecting one link with another allows your child the opportunity to strengthen the connection between their hands and eyes.

Word search crossword puzzles have endured as the favorite national pastime because it can be completed by any age group, can be solved in a brief time span and solving them provides a sense of accomplishment. All the aforementioned points make crossword an amazing educational tool for tutors and they will probably continue to use them for years to come.