Korean Marine Collagen – All You Need To Know

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Korean marine collagen is a non-vegetarian and unflavored collagen supplement powder. It is a pure form of collagen taken from fish caught from the wild. It has no taste and is processed like enzymes to keep the small particles intact. It is a single-ingredient hydrolyzed supplement that easily dissolves in any liquid.

Make this marine collagen peptide a part of your diet and enjoy the following benefits:

Makes your skin healthy inside out

As you age, the generation of collagen in your body gets slower. This affects the elasticity of your skin. Fine lines and wrinkles start appearing. Supplementing collagen takes care of these issues. It rejuvenates your skin and gives it a youthful glow. The supplement also eliminates other issues like acne. Strong nails and shiny hair are the other bonuses Korean marine collagen has in store for you. Marine collagen is also an excellent skin moisturizer. 

It strengthens your joints

From the time you reach 25 years of age, your body starts losing its capacity to produce collagen on its own. This weakens your muscles and ligaments. Your joints start swelling. Including marine collagen peptide compensates for this loss. It strengthens your joints. Marine collagen is also a gut-friendly protein that helps the body maintain a healthy gut microbium.

It is 100% natural

Korean marine collagen is 100% natural. It is free from contamination in all forms because it is taken from fish caught from the wild. Studies show that wild fish is free from antibiotics and is rich in nutrients.

It prevents hair loss

Marine collagen supplement, studies show, makes your hair healthier. This happens because it repairs dermis, the skin where your hair follicles grow. This strengthens your hair and keeps them locked in one place. Here’s how Marine collagen can help improve poor hair health.

Marine collagen makes your bones healthier

Research reveals that Marine collagen helps patients suffering from osteoporosis. It reduces joint pain, inflammation and strengthens cartilage. It also protects your skin from the oxidative damage the ultraviolet rays of sun may have on your skin.

It helps your body fight off infections

Marine collagen peptides are rich in certain amino acids like lysine and proline. These generate the anti-oxidants the body requires. As a result, your body gets equipped to fight off free radicals and other harmful substances.

Korean marine collagen helps you sleep better

glycine, the amino acid found in Marine collagen is known to help you sleep better. The substance also helps in regulating body temperature. This, according to research, plays a vital role in ensuring good sleep. 

It improves your gut health

From stress to an imbalanced diet, everything affects the soft lining of tissues in your intestines. These results in a condition named “leaky gut”. Here, foreign particles enter your bloodstream and cause damage. This aggravates auto-immune diseases and increases inflammation.

This, however, does not have to be a cause of concern. All you need to do is to consume marine collagen powder. The amino acids contained in it strengthen your gut and reduces inflammation.

It makes your workout routine effective

Marine collagen contains glycine, an amino acid in its concentrated form. This boosts the production of creatine which increases muscle mass. It also contains certain anti-oxidants that may cause the cell damage that leads to aches and pains after a workout.  

It regulates your blood sugar levels

? The high levels of protein in a marine collagen supplement helps your body monitor your blood sugar levels. Its consumption also protects your heart. A survey done among 37 healthy adults shows that marine collagen peptides reduce artery stiffness. It also lowers the amount of LDL cholesterol present in the body.

Arterial stiffness, according to experts, is a leading cause of cardiac diseases. This makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood all through the body.

Marine collagen helps you lose weight

Are you on the lookout for ways to shed those unwanted pounds? Consuming marine collagen is the way out. It is rich in protein and decreases your appetite. This helps you reduce your calorie consumption.

Collagen also speeds up wound healing. If consumed as per a prescription, collagen eliminates the need of amputation. The substance is also an essential element of artificial skin that is used to treat serious wounds and severe burns.

Can I have Korean marine collagen?

Korean marine collagen is safe in a general scenario. But pollutants may get to it. See to it that you are getting it from a reputed firm. You should also go for the ones clinically tested. This ensures that the supplement does not cause any major health issue.

Collagen from animals may appear more affordable when compared to that taken from the fish. But the one from fish is easier to digest. It also easily dissolves in water. This makes it easier for you to consume it; in your coffee or as part of your smoothie.

You may decide to have collagen through food; fish and chicken are rich in it. But your body will have a tough time having it. Marine collagen supplements, in general, easily dissolve in liquids. This makes them a better choice than the conventional sources of the substance.

Possible side effects

Almost everyone tolerates marine collagen supplements. But there are reports of the same causing digestive issues and bloating. These, however, don’t contribute to the general scenario. Avoid it if you have any allergic reaction to fish. And those under medication for any health condition should get doctor’s permission prior to having it.

Stick to manufacturer recommendations when having it. Read the package and understand the ingredients contained in the supplement. It is highly recommended that you go for the one with the minimum number of them.

If you are an averagely healthy person, having Korean marine supplement will do wonders for your body. It will rejuvenate your skin, strengthens your bones, improve your immunity, speed up wound healing and boosts digestion.

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