Difference Between Blue And Pink Slip Inspection We Didn’t Know

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Free driving needs to be authorized in Australia through official processes. If not, we may end up facing deeper trouble concerning the driving aspect. Two factors that are undoubtedly important in this matter, including blue and pink slip inspection. Both aspects have similarities and differences. If this is the first time we have ever been seeing these words, it’s a high time for most of us to understand it genuinely if we ever strive to drive our respective vehicles on the Australian roads safely.

Blue slip inspection

It is essential to know more about the blue slip inspection before purchasing one in Australia. The information mentioned below can guide us through the process.

Defining blue slip inspection

By definition, it is called as Authorised and Registered Vehicle Inspection Scheme that is specifically meant for the vehicles having the expired registration for months. It’s typically intended for the cars that are unregistered in a sense. That means if we need to change the state, this is the crucial slip inspection that can help us throughout the way.

When and why?

Experts suggest that if the registration of the particular vehicle has expired for more than three years, we are eligible to have blue slip inspection. It is also required when we purchase a new car for any particular vehicle. Without having a properly registered automobile, we might fall victim to driving unlicensed vehicles on the road, and the authorities may even take our cars away.

The process of inspection

The vehicle safety is checked for us to get an official blue slip. The experts specifically take care of checking every single thing, including seat belts, oil leaks, breaks, suspension, and even engine. VIN is also observed before heading over to the process. If the car passes, we might get away with the blue slip.

However, in any case, if it fails, we get forty-two days to repair the vehicle nicely. For blue slip inspection, we must have the confirmation of identifying numbers and compliance plates.

Critical points

In a way, blue slip is the report of a full inspection of the vehicle we own. If you don’t have a blue slip, we may end up paying an extra-fine to the government authorities if the vehicle is caught.

Pink slip inspection

In this section, we would know more about pink slip inspection and its whereabouts. It is vital to see if we are supposed to live in Australia without any hindrance.

Defining pink slip inspection

This aspect is available for vehicles for traveling purposes. It is crucial to verify the safety of the car we are driving. A pink slip is specifically necessary to register the vehicle officially in NSW.

When and why?

It is needed when the vehicle is more than five years old in Australia. We have specifically required a pink slip when we are supposed to renew the registration again. However, the authorities state that the pink slip last for only 42 days once the mechanic signs it. It is enough time for us to register the vehicle officially

The process of inspection

The inspection is done concerning the safety of the vehicles, unlike the registration process in case of the blue slip. The mechanic can check all the safety measures, including seat belts, airbags, wipers, breaks, lights, and others. If in case, the vehicle fails to pass the test, we get 14 days to fix the car effectively. We can reapply for the pink slip at zero charges.

Critical points

We specifically need a pink slip for confirming the safety measures for an unregistered vehicle that is further five years older. On the other hand, the blue slip is meant for the vehicles that have expired registration. We also need it when we strive to sell the car without registration. However, similar to the blue slip, if we don’t have a pink one, we may end up paying an extra-large amount as a fine.


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