Selecting the best chew toys for your dog

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Dogs, especially pups are very fond of chewing things. This tendency develops in them when they are about 16 weeks old. This is known as the period of teething when their puppy teeth are pushed out by the permanent adult teeth.

As this causes discomfort, the pups learn to chew at things in order to soothe and comfort themselves. Whether they are at home, in the garden, or in a Dog Daycare Near Me you will see them either with their favorite toys in their mouths, or gnawing away at something.

This tendency slowly turns into a habit and as dogs attain their full size, chewing becomes a habit that you as dog owner ought to be aware of.

Options available to select a chew toy:
There are many chew toys available in supermarkets. For selecting the most appropriate chew toy, you must look at a number of factors and these pertain to the age, breed, size and preferences of your dog.

Below are some popular and commonly available chew toys:

– Frozen bones:
These are raw bones typically of cows and bisons and have some raw meat stuck on them. Femurs, ribs, and knuckle bones are some examples. They can be given frozen or thawed, and dogs really love them. As they can cause a mess, it is advisable to give them outside the home.

– Himalayan Yak Chews: 
These chews are made from Yak’s milk and are 100% edible. Dogs like them very much. If chewed for long periods of time, they have a tendency to get broken down into small pieces.

– Nylabones: 
These sound like bones, but are actually toys. However, their colour, texture and shape are that of a real bone. They are made of a hard material and don’t get easily broken down by chewing. Dogs like them and can play with them for hours.

– Hooves: 
Some dogs like to chew hooves as they are tough and don’t break easily on chewing. They are usually small and don’t create a mess, and so are popular with dog owners.

– Elk Antlers: 
These are durable chew toys that dogs find irresistible. That is why they are popular among dog owners. Elk antlers are available with velvet too. Elk velvet is a famous joint supplement and experts recommend getting the antlers cut down the middle as the inside portion is softer.

– Cooked Bones: 
Cooked bones can also be given as chews as long as they are not overcooked. Reason being that overcooked bones have the tendency to break and can cause internal problems if swallowed.

– Bully Sticks: 
These are actually 100% edible tendons. They are available in different sizes and types and are very popular with dogs. However, they can be smelly and so need to be given outdoors.

– Tracheas: 
Dehydrated tracheas can sometimes be given to dogs after cutting them into small pieces. Dogs like them very much as they are greasy and taste good.

– Raw Chicken Feet: 
These can be given as is to the dogs, or after trimming the toe nails. They are rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, and both nutrients are fantastic for healthy joints.

– Coconuts: 
Coconuts have a fibrous exterior that dogs love to tear apart. Therefore it keeps the dogs engaged. Once dogs break apart the shell, they like eating the soft coconut meat inside.

Supervise your dog when it is chewing: 
Supervision becomes necessary when your dog is chewing a toy. Dogs can damage their teeth if they chew a hard substance, and can harm themselves by eating splinters that are not supposed to be eaten.

When selecting a chew toy, choose one that is appropriate for the age and size of your dog. Check for expert advice on the internet, or at a dog daycare near me and if you are still unsure, then check with your vet.

Chewing comes as second nature to dogs and chewing toys serves as a proper outlet for them to vent their energy. Encourage this habit in them and you will note a positive change in their behavior.

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