Difficulties in Moving Wood-Burning Stove – Solutions Provided

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The wood burning stoves are considered as an outstanding source of renewable heat, especially during the winter. The wood stoves look artistic and they are cost-convenient. When the stove is burning, you get warm comfort that spreads at every corner of the house.

But, moving a wood-burning stove is quite hectic. You usually tend to follow all the DIY tips given on the internet and try to do it on your own which may fail miserably. Hence, you feel the need to call a professional for the needful.

You have to know why the wood stove is so difficult to move from one place to another.

You must know the fact that the task is going to be extremely heavy. The wood burner’s weight varies depending on the model and its manufacturer. The overall mass begins from approximately 300 lbs. It can increase up to 800 lbs approximately. These are basically the shipping weight values which don’t involve the original solid fuel like coal, wood, pallet, wood-derived biomass and more.

The excess weight arrives from the solid metals that are used in the burner construction. These are steel, cast iron, etc. Again, the dimension of the wood burning stove makes it heavy. Few models reach almost 36” – 40” in height, 29”- 33” in width approximately and 25” in depth. The combo of bulkiness plus weight makes it harder to move. If you somehow take a wrong move or accidentally drop the stove, it will damage the floor severely. In fact, it can cause injury to you.

Assess the situation very carefully. Think repeatedly if you can maneuver it yourself. Call at least three people or professional moving labor. Arrange for a flat or platform dolly that must be a four-wheeler. Then, arrange for two strong ropes. The ropes must be six feet long. You will need moving blankets. Though the wood burning stove is sturdy, don’t think that it doesn’t require any protection. You must be very cautious about your safety and your property’s wellbeing.

Now, gather some plywood sheets. The thick plywood sheets support the moving process. The sheets also provide protection to the flooring. Get hold of a screwdriver. The ordinary flat headed screwdriver helps in removing the door of the wood-stove. Also, keep a hammer for minor adjustments.

Wear a pair of gloves.

Everyone wants to save money owing to the rising price of everything and less income. People are turning to wood-burning stoves because it is economic in comparison to oil and gas. As per a report of MSN.com, the wood stoves’ shipment have risen around 54%.

You will get wood stoves in varied shapes and sizes. Wood stoves are flexible and not very expensive. The heating cost with oil can be approximately $4000 and more. You just have to purchase some wood logs. If you have your own supply of wood, it’s better. Though the cost of wood has increased, yet it is cheaper than other forms of the burning source.

There is a disadvantage of a wood burning stove. It has a limit regarding how much of an entire house it can warm up. If you have a very big-sized house, the wood stove can’t make the whole house warm. Even, wood stove fails badly in case of the vaulted ceiling.

If you think that operating two wood stoves simultaneously can help, please understand that it is not a good idea at all. In this case, people generally buy individual heaters for separate parts of the house. It’s a costly matter.

Hire a professional mover who can handle the wood stove accurately. The executive will arrive at your place with all the right kind of equipment and he/she knows the proficient way to move big and heavy things without any harm. You can ask your neighbor, colleague or a friend about any reference and call the same professional to do the needful. Otherwise, the internet is always there to help. You will get several movers and their contact details and specialties. Ask for a free quotation. You can take help of the chat support to discuss your requirements so that you can get the best suited customized service. They will do the work as per your convenient timing.

Take care.

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