Top 5 Mechanical Engineering Jobs in UAE

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UAE, a dream country for many engineering professionals for a prospective life and career. Mechanical engineering jobs in UAE are in great demand for both Freshers and experienced engineers. For mechanical engineers, most of the cities of UAE like as Dubai, Abu Dhabi offer lots of opportunities in the mechanical industry field. With a large number of industries, plants and factories in various cities, there has been an increasing growth of Mechanical engineering Jobs in UAE. The major sectors offering employment opportunities in this field include Petroleum, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Flow Engineering, Pipeline Systems, Water treatment among the others. Mechanical engineering jobs include profiles for research, development, building and testing mechanical devices, tools, engines, machines etc.

Eligibility criteria

• You should be a graduate or a masters in mechanical engineering or any related field
• Should be a resident of UAE with a valid identity card
• Can apply for mechanical engineering jobs in UAE using a tourist visa but should leave the country once the time period is over.
• If selected, the organization undertakes all the legal formalities for processing and stay in UAE.

Top Mechanical Engineering Jobs in UAE

Various jobs are available in UAE for candidates with a mechanical engineering qualification. Most companies prefer experienced candidates in the field or zone applied for. However, there is scope for the Freshers too, provided they have a good academic record and they do exceptionally well in their interviews. We present below some of the top mechanical engineering jobs in UAE:

Mechanical Design Engineer

Mechanical design engineers work in industry-based companies which are involved in manufacturing goods. These design engineers are involved in creating drawings as per industry guidelines and building laws. They need to analyze and ensure the proper functioning of mechanical systems, research design proposals, know about the estimated costs of construction on projects, and simplifying products as per engineering designs and performance specifications. Maintaining and providing technical information and reports to their reporting head is also a part of Mechanical engineering jobs in UAE in the role of design engineers.

Mechanical Production Engineer

Mechanical engineering jobs in UAE in the position of mechanical production engineers are also very popular. Here, the candidates should have a mechanical engineering degree with specialization in production. This field is a combination of manufacturing technology, engineering sciences and management science. The candidate has to ensure that the production process takes place in the smoothest, judicious and economical manner, taking into consideration both engineering practices and the management challenges in relation to production. This job role is, at times, also termed as manufacturing engineering or industrial engineering.

Mechanical Component Engineer

Mechanical Component engineers are another sought-after mechanical engineering jobs in UAE. The role of a component engineer is to produce and install different parts of mechanical and electrical systems and ensure their proper functioning. They ensure that the specific parts created by them for any mechanical or electrical systems are reliable and effective. The work involves production, design, development, including research and compliance. Such engineers are recruited in industries in UAE dealing with aviation, automotive, and appliance manufacturing. They are also responsible to test and install pre-existing components, machinery or equipment. Such a type of job profile requires a graduate degree in engineering, though some companies also prefer candidates with graduate or masters’ degree in computer science, physics, or mathematics.

Mechanical Engineer (Automobile)

Mechanical engineers with specialization in Automobile are given the tasks of design, manufacture, and distribution of vehicles. Mechanical engineering jobs in UAE in the profile of automobile engineers are quite popular. They work on the technical performance as well as aesthetics of vehicles, including the electronics and software necessary with modern vehicles. An Automobile mechanical engineer can work on any stage of the manufacturing process of a vehicle, starting from initial design and development to final production.

HVAC Mechanical Engineer

Last but not the least, HVAC mechanical engineering jobs are also very popular in UAE. Such a job profile includes the responsibility of the engineers to ensure proper climate control of homes, office buildings, and other facilities. They not only design and install but also provide maintenance, and repair of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling (HVAC), including refrigeration systems. HVAC mechanical engineering jobs in UAE are required in real-estate companies involved in residential, industrial, institutional, and commercial buildings.