Do You Know About Frequent Flyer Mile?

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Have you ever reserved an extravagant trip based on your frequent flyer mile and loyalty points? It seems to be out of reach for most of us. It can be very intimidating to determine the best way to get points and miles among a number of airline programs. How many programs are required to be joined? Which are the ideal programs to gain extra miles and points? What you can do to maximize these programs rewards? I will be sharing a few important things that will help you to understand airline loyalty programs and useful tips to avail them effectively.

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What is meant by an airline mile?

Though it seems to be a very simple thing, actually it not as simple as it is sounded. Airline miles also called as frequent flyer miles are build up based on the number of miles that a passenger flight, which can be availed at your next flight purchase. There are a number of ways to redeem the airline miles such as after flying certain miles, on the purchase of a certain airline ticket, each time you for shopping using travel rewards credit card and on the reservation of a hotel room. These loyalty rewards get accumulated and then you can avail them later to buy flying tickets or any travel upgrade.


How to earn airline miles for you?

You can earn airline miles for you in a number of ways. These are mostly earned on the purchases of plane tickets. You can earn the number of miles based on the distance you are scheduled to fly or the amount that you have spent on the ticket purchase.

An airline ticket is not the only way to earn these miles. It might be surprising for some passengers but you can earn many points and miles for you even without ever boarding the plane. Yes, I am absolutely right. You can earn miles through restaurant dinners, by shopping at the retailers, on opening a new account in a bank or credit card and most interestingly you can even earn the miles by filling out online surveys.

How you can spend your airline miles?

You can easily redeem your frequent flyer miles through advance proper planning. Like, it seems to be more appealing to spend the earned points on a seat upgrade instead of spending them on the ticket purchase. It is recommended to frequent flyers that they should prefer to avail flying miles or points on a long-hauled flight instead of redeeming in a number of short-hauled flights. If you are still looking to purchase the ticket through reward points, it’s better to go ahead with the booking process in advance.

Beyond reserving a flight through flyer miles or points, the members can spend these loyalty programs in a number of ways. You can spend these rewards on shopping or dining gift card.

Are you thinking about the worth of airline miles? The airline miles value is different for every program and is changing constantly and depends a lot on how you are going to avail your airline miles. If you are considering to cash in your miles while booking a domestic flight, go for simple calculations to understand if it is worth using it or not. If you have gained enough points and after making the calculation, you come to know that a free ticket can be purchased by redeeming the reward, then off-course it is worth to get benefitted from your airline miles. Make sure to keep a note of fees and taxes on the flight, as the fee fluctuates greatly from airline to airline.

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