Eastern Fashion Trends 2020 – Here is what To Fill Your Wardrobe is with

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Are you wondering what eastern fashion trends will make their way in 2020? Before rearranging your wardrobe and buying new clothes, these are the trends that you would want to keep in mind:

#1: Sassy Fringe

A fringe is an ornamental textile trim applied on the edge of a dress. Back in the old days, fringe was primarily used in shawls and skirts but now it is used for adorning garments woven from linen and cotton. It comes in a variety of styles – tied into a unique design, knotted and hanging straight. It was prominently seen in many eastern dresses for ladies in 2019 and it is certainly going to be a part of 2020 fashion trends. The best part is you can choose the fringe of your choice and have it stitched on your dress.

#2: All Classic Bootcut Pants

If you are looking for pants that never go out of style, bootcut pants are the answer. These pants support the knee but they have a flare at the ankle. They fall some in-between bell-bottom pants and straight pants. As the name implies, these pants have the ability to accommodate boots well.

Bootcut pants go with just about anything; a western top, an eastern peplum attire, short Kurtis and more. These pants also give elongate your legs. So, if you are petite, you might want to have it in your wardrobe.

#3: Bright and Bold Colors

Whether it’s spring, summer or winter, bold colors have made their way in the fashion trends. Bold colors aren’t something you just wear, they are an ideal option for making a statement.

When you are picking bold colors for your wardrobe, don’t choose the opposite colors. Use the color blocking technique. It means pairing colors that are closer to each other on the color wheel. For instance, pair red with purple or yellow with yellow-orange. This will spark to your whole look.

#4: Traditional Chikankari Shirts

Chikankari is a traditional embroidery style originated from Lucknow, India. The literal meaning of chikan is embroidery. This ancient art is believed to be introduced by the Mughals. When it comes to Eastern fashion trends, this 80s trend is back.

Although it’s totally up to you what type of cut you want, straight cut shirts and kurtas are in trend. Whether it’s solid colors, embroidered shirts or printed embroidered shirts, you can wear any design you like. Much of the fashion choices in the eastern dresses depend on your personal style. You can customize them the way you want to.

#5: Long Flowy Gowns

Flowy gowns are the foremost choice of ladies on formal events. But that’s not all – flowy gowns can be worn casually as well. If you are eager to take on the trend before everyone else in your friend’s group, have a flowy gown stitched.

It can be a simple gown with lots of flair or frock with layers. Floral prints, stripes, embroidered, patterned – the choice is yours. Either keep it minimalistic or add embellishment. No one will question your choice.

 #6: Shalwars Are Back

It has been a long time since we have worn a shalwar right? More than 6 years ago, straight pants and trousers replaced shalwars. Now, they are back in trend. These are pants style shalwars with a limited flair so you won’t feel that awkward wearing them.

Our mother and grandma will be delighted to hear shalwar and Kurtis are back again. So make sure you get black, white, and beige colored shalwars stitched. An embroidered shalwar would also do (yes the one your mother won’t stop talking about). 

Before you think these eastern fashion trends are going to become a fad, think again. They are here to stay. Revamp your wardrobe with dresses inspired by these eastern trends in 2020. Be the first among your friends to adopt these styles.


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