Everything You Should Know About ID Card Holders

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Identification cards are crucial in everyday life and serve various purposes. They provide security, contain sensitive information, give you access to reserved areas, carry out cash transactions, and do so much more. But what happens if your card is misplaced or damaged? It can be annoying, not to mention the dangers of fraudsters using it for various nefarious purposes. Using an ID card holder is one of the best ways of protecting your card from being lost, stolen, or disfigured. You should buy one of these and enjoy its several benefits.

Benefits of Cardholders

They Provide Security

The most obvious benefit of a cardholder is it provides security and ensures that your data is safe at all times, which is particularly important if your organization prioritizes security. If you are looking for optimal safety, it’s better to choose a card with RFID technology that prevents unwanted information from being received or transferred. As long as your identification card is in the holder, the scanner will not read it. They are also highly convenient as they have a sliding mechanism.

Protect the Card from Disfigurement

The holder will protect your card at all times and ensure that it remains safe from scratches, smudges, stains, and sunlight. Even if you work in a harsh environment or are exposed to unpredictable weather conditions, you can be sure that your card is protected. 


When companies or organizations issue ID cards to their employees, they want them to last for a long time. Replacing a card can be expensive and time-consuming, and using holders is one of the best ways of ensuring that they don’t fade and are unusable.


Your workstation or home would probably contain many essential items that bear a close resemblance to the identification card and are therefore challenging to keep track of at all times. However, having an ID card holder will distinguish it from other similar items and ensure you don’t waste time looking for it every time you leave home or office.

What Makes Plastic Holders Popular?

Even though holders are manufactured from various materials, including vinyl, acetate, nylon, polycarbonate, EVA, mylar, silicone, and polyester, plastic holders are among the most popular amongst them. These are some reasons why companies highly prefer them.

They Provide Quick Access

If you have ever used a plastic ID card at your office or institution, you would know how easy it is to cross security checkpoints. Companies issue them for the same reason because they are easily compatible with card access control systems and make monitoring security and attendance easy.

Easily Attached to Other Accessories

Plastic card holders can be easily attached to various accessories like lanyards, badge reels, bead chains, slot and chain holes, and key rings. That makes them exceptionally accessible, convenient, and easy to carry wherever you go.

Advertising Your Brand

Using plastic holders is one of the best ways of advertising your brand and ensuring maximum visibility. When your company’s employees attach their cards to lanyards containing your brand’s information like name, logo, and slogans, it catches the attention of many people.

Types of Holders

There are between nine to ten identification card holders that you can choose from when you decide to buy one. Each of them is suitable for a specific purpose and has varying features, and here are the most popular ones among them.

Armband Cardholders

Armbands are ideally suited for professionals engaged in active working environments since they require constant visual display photo identification with maximum flexibility and mobility. They are prevalent among airport ground personnel, warehouse employees, fire crews, and law enforcement officers. If you operate heavy machinery, armbands are preferable to a lanyard as you won’t have to worry about it being caught or snapped. They also come in easily adjustable sizes.

Rigid Cardholders

If you want extra protection for your identification card, it is a good idea to go with rigid holders. Besides offering additional security of data skimming for smart cards, they can easily accommodate thicker and heavier cards. These holders are available in two categories: heavy-duty and hard plastic open faces. Heavy-duty ones are made for rough work conditions like construction sites and are usually used by security guards, law enforcement agencies, and manufacturing plant supervisors. Hard plastic open face holders are sturdy and give you the advantage of carrying two cards back to back.


As the name suggests, oversized holders are perfect for you if you have a larger card than the standard credit card size. They are usually found in vertical and horizontal shapes and are ideal for events, conferences, and conventions. 

You should consider buying an ID card holderfor your ID card if you don’t have one yet. It is practical, functional, cost-effective, and will significantly minimize the chances of your identification card being stolen or misplaced.

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