The Time Required to Settle a Truck Crash Case

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At the beginning of the discussion, we must admit that truck crash case is not simple. Multiple factors determine the time required for a case to settle.

The factors are:

  • Detailing the investigation process
  • Accident’s severity
  • The case going to trial
  • Deciding the accident’s actual fault
  • The negotiation processes length

The victims suffer from serious injuries and immense losses. Death can happen too. It is essential to know when you can get the compensation. It takes a longer period to settle a truck accident case than the car accident case.

If you go to a truck accident specialized lawyer to take care of your lawsuit, it won’t indicate that he/she can settle your case in a short span. But, if you try to handle the lawsuit on your own, chances are very less that you will get the amount you deserve.

In fact, if you try to settle your lawsuit hurrying, then it can be a big flaw. The cunning insurance agencies try to rush the victims into the faster settlement as they have the primary advantage. It will lay negative influence on the recovery from the existing medical treatment, and the pain and suffering.

The standard factors of time length:

  • The accident’s seriousness:

Truck misfortunes lead to life-long injuries and excessive damages owing to the huge size and weight. Hence, the injured parties become susceptible to higher medical bills, more suffering, and pain, greater property damage, etc. These aspects play a big role in deciding the period that is going to take for the settlement. The deeper the injuries and loss, the more medical treatment and compensation will be needed.

The investigation process:

The investigation of truck accident takes a higher degree of sophistication than any other car accident. The investigator checks:

  • Driver’s credentials
  • Air brakes’ maintenance
  • Working hours of the driver
  • Cargo loading and shifting
  • Traffic laws’ obeyance
  • Reviewing the accident and police reports

After the completion of the investigation process, the testimony of the accident witnesses is required. It needs more time but is extremely important for getting the rightful compensation.

Determining the fault in the truck accident cases is not so easy. There are some possibilities in the matter of determining the guilty party:

  • Whether the accident happened due to the truck driver’s negligence
  • Is it a single party or more than one party who can be blamed
  • Is the trucking company guilty?
  • Whether the collision happened due to ill truck maintenance

To sort out a truck accident case completely, the attorney needs time. Get hold of a personal injury attorney in case you have encountered an unfortunate truck accident.

Coming to the process of negotiation:

Trucking companies have their own legal representative. The negotiation process that goes on between the victim’s attorney and truck company’s lawyer play a significant role in the time taking matter.

While finding who is the liable party to blame, the truck wreck attorney needs additional time for a higher settlement. If in a hurry, you are blamed partially for the clash, then your overall value of compensation will decrease.

Again, the severity of the wounds and the related medical documents are required to be presented and reviewed which takes a considerable amount of time. The opposition party’s insurance agency will also check the authenticity of the documents.

The time for the negotiation can be minimized if the truck accident victim has suffered from life-altering injuries or further a wrongful death. There are certain laws for wrongful death that can decide the actual amount of compensation that the sufferer is supposed to be awarded. Many times, if the accident ends in death, the state issues the amount meant to be availed.

Furthermore, if the negotiation with the guilty parties’ insurance agency is no successful and no agreement is met, then the case will be continued to trial and it will be in the hand of the jury or judge to decide the compensation amount that the victim deserves.

After discussing the entire matter, it is clear that you must not hurry about settling your case. Also, never listen to the temptation offered by the trucking company’s insurance agency. Always talk to your truck accident lawyer before deciding any step.

Greg Baumgartner

Greg Baumgartner handles truck accident lawsuits for victims of truck accidents in Texas. He is an expert Texas Truck Accident Lawyer with an exemplary track record.

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