5 Important Questions you must have to ask before hiring a removal firm

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Moving towards next destination means making a lots of decisions and plans. You should have to choose the right moving date as well as check the weather of the moving date. The most important decision of the moving day is to select the best professional team for your hassle-free move. With thousands of moving companies across the United Kingdom there is no shortage of choices to select a moving firm. To find the best relocation firm that have to fit with your specific needs you have to ask some questions at the first priority. This way you can get the stress-free House removals process in Farnborough. Good luck and happy moving!

Are you properly licenced?

Make sure to ask your mover, is they are properly licensed? This way you’ll safe from moving scams or rough mover. All of the moving companies movers across the United kingdom are properly licensed from British Association of Removers and have a license number at their website. You can check their details at their website. You can check their precious history as well. If you want to hire best professional Movers & Packers in Farnborough then you can visit some directories in your region. There are a lots of removals firms that are properly licensed and have a good history in the field of relocation. 

Do they have experience as per your specific type of move?

Make sure that you are going to hire a removal firm have a good experience with your specific type of move. For instance, if you are moving to an apartment that is located on the high rise location, a town home that have multiple stories, or you are moving towards the big city, you should have to inquire whether the moving firm have experience with the type of move. Movers should be well-prepared to handle the condition occurs in their way – i.e. Have no elevator and small doorways, steep stairs, and parking restrictions.

Do you have references?

As you don’t hire an employee without checking their references same as you should hire a removal firm with checking their references. Before entrusting to your belongings to your mover you should verify them, and ask for the references. Representative of a moving company should be able to provide all of the information that is required. Of course it’s all depend upon to you to do your homework. While hiring a removal firm, I recommended asking to your friends and neighbours, and your family as per your recommendations.

Does your company provide the coverage of liability?

While handing over your precious belongings, you’ll want to make it sure that all of your belongings are covered in case any of the difficulty occurs during the relocation process. Whether you are moving across the country or across the city you professional movers should provide you multiple liability coverage options to choose. It provides you coverage in case of any loose of your precious items and they must have to return back your belongings as per their coverage policy. So, make it sure to do it in the first priority.

Can you provide a binding offer?

Most of the removals firm offers you non-binding estimates, it means that the estimated price that is subjected would change, its depended upon the actual costs. This could prove a bad or good thing at the end. If your movers required more man-hours or exceeded as per the originally estimated, you should pay more as per the original estimations. If not, then you are lucky and pay less as per the policy. Before hiring the removal firm you should know about the binding estimate policy that should prove better for your relocation process. This way you’ll make your move reliable and save from any of the hassles. All add-ons and services, stairs and the traveling time, should be included in the quote clearly.      

       Some other important questions you should ask before hiring a removal firm

  • How should I contact to you and the driver?
  • Will you provide a cancellation policy?
  • What kind of payments do you accept?
  • Are there any restrictions on the packing method?
  • Will you provide specifically items for packing, such as TV or electronic items?
  • Will this moving firm delivering my belongings or any third party would be delivering them.