How to Make your Move More Comfortable ?

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Humans naturally don’t get elated with change. This fear stems from the fact that change – and that goes for positive change as well, bar some few instances – always carries with it the “unknown” factor. Fear of the unknown, we usually describe it.

A residential move is no different. Even when moving to something better, there is always that uncertainty of what lies ahead. It’s normal.

In addition to our natural insecurities, moving house also comes with its fair share of challenges. It is costly, it is stressful, and it turns your life upside-down, in an almost literal sense.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t make the moving process more comfortable. Following are tips you can implement in your next move to lessen the mental burden attached to it.

Hire a professional moving company

Of all the things you can do to ease the burden of moving, in every sense of the phrase, hiring a moving company ranks up there. These are professionals well-drilled in all things moving and can do everything from organizing to executing the move.

You will find plenty of professional movers in New York (or other areas for that matter) but make sure you hire the right mover who can actually make the experience an enjoyable one, not one you would rather forget.

The good thing about hiring a moving service is that they can handle all aspects of a move so you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Or do any heavy lifting. From packing and unpacking, to furniture disassembly and assembly, loading and uncrating – cleaning even – a good mover is well worth it.

If your budget allows, opt for a full-service move whereby the moving company does everything for you. Otherwise, you can always consider labor-only service if you need assistance with one aspect or the other.

You can hire movers to, for example, do the packing for you, move furniture into your apartment, help in unloading your van or truck and more.

Plan early

Moving in October? Then now is the time to start the planning!

When moving house, you will have countless things to do and remember. It is easy for a lot of tasks to slip your mind at this time, so it makes sense to have a plan to work with.

This plan should come in the form of a master moving to-do list that carries every single little detail, no matter how insignificant it might seem at first.

You can opt to do it old-school by scribbling everything down in a giant yellow notepad, but we’re also lucky to be living in the age of tech apps that make everything easier for us.

You will find plenty of to-do list apps that you can conveniently keep in your phone where you can jot down ideas as they happen, which is often at odd hours – when you’re in the shower, at night before you go to bed, riding to work etc.

Get rid of everything

In an ideal world, you should give yourself at least two months to formulate a clear plan.

Assess everything under your roof and decide on what needs to be moved, donated to charity, resold (can do it online or at a flea market) or recycled.

Purge all the stuff you don’t need weeks in advance, months if you can. The sooner they are out, the better.

Eliminating items that no longer serve us means there will be less to pack up, haul to the other side of town (or country if it’s long-distance), unload, and organize.

Plus, it’s cheaper and your wallet will thank you for it!