Hand Sanitizer vs Hand Washing: Which is the Most Effective?

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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been strongly encouraged to ensure that our bodily hygiene levels are to a higher standard than before the outbreak. Keeping clean is one of the most effective ways you can stop the spread of the virus, as well as stopping the general spread of bacteria.

Thinking Practically

There is much debate surrounding whether we ought to be washing our hands or sanitizing them in order to stop spreading the virus most effectively. However, there is not one straight forward answer to this, since it is entirely dependent on the situation and location you are in. Generally, if you have access to a sink with soap, this is the most effective and preferred way to reduce the risk of getting and spreading the virus. However, this is only true if you are cleaning your hands properly and focusing on all the areas, including your fingertips, under your nails, between your fingers and your wrists. To make sure you are fully getting rid of the dirt, you should be washing your hands for around twenty seconds.

There will inevitably be situations where you do not have access to a sink with soap, in which case you should try and carry hand sanitizer around with you. In situations where you are on the go, this is a lot more practical and therefore more effective in these instances. It Is also more reliable to carry around sanitizer than relying on public toilets, as these areas may not be completely clean anyway.

Finding a Good Quality Sanitizer

The mass production of hand sanitizers during the pandemic has meant that there are a lot of cheap ones out there, which can be really bad for sensitive skin, as well as being very drying. Since you will be using sanitizer a lot during day to day life, it is definitely worth investing in a high quality one which will not hurt your hands. Killing Them Softly has a great natural sanitizer which simultaneously protects your skin whilst nourishing it. This antibacterial essential oil hand sanitizer contains many natural properties which, unlike the harsh chemicals in most sanitizers, will be gentle on your skin.

Avoiding Touching Your Face

Although both hand washing and hand sanitizing are important and useful steps for reducing the spread of the virus, you must take extra precautions on top of these. After washing your hands, it takes something as small as opening a door or touching a surface to pick up bacteria again. Touching your face and biting your nails are some of the easiest way of spreading the virus round, so make sure you are staying aware and sensible.

Adjusting to new habits can be really difficult, but it is important that you train yourself to adapt to them. After all, carrying around hand sanitizer is an easy solution to a big problem, so it is definitely worth it in the long run.