How to permanently stop wasting website traffic

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Every new start-up, new entrepreneurs or any business when they create a new website, they tend to focus more on making it attractive with eye-catching designs. They tend to miss out and realize that to promote their website, they have to invest at least 80% in promoting and 20% in creating the website. Since, they focus more on creating the website, they do not see the expected results after their website is launched. If you are wondering how can you rapidly increase your website traffic, keep reading! This article provides tips on how to increase website traffic for FREE and also how to drive quality traffic and generate leads.

More website traffic means your website is attracting more visitors. More number of visitors will increase the word of mouth regarding your website too. Make sure that the word of mouth is positive and encourages more visitors to visit your website. Sometimes getting repeated visits and increasing the referral activity for your website is one of the effective ways than investing in social media advertising. In order to achieve this, the following tips and features will help you obtain traffic to your website.

Effective ways to stop wasting website traffic

Conduct research and plan accordingly

This should be your initial step before you take any step or decision towards developing your website and pulling website traffic. This is to make sure that your website and your plan is ahead of the competition or at least will you a fighting chance against your competitor. Today digital marketing is one of the key factors supporting the growth or failure of a business. Hence, you cannot afford to make mistakes of developing a strategy that might lead to failure.

Focus on appropriate content creation

Make sure that the content displayed and information provided by your website is original and authentic. This provides the visitor to feel a sense of reliability towards your products and service. Follow content curation and collection all relevant information that would interest visitors. To achieve this, hire expert team of curators.

Your website must be visitor friendly

When a visitor visits your website, the content displayed, designs displayed and the navigational system of your website must be simple and elegant. Your website content must be appropriate to the product or service you offer and the visitor must be able to navigate between different menus easily.

Visitors must be able to scroll up and down, navigate between different links within your website without any complication and hassle-free. Navigation bars, scroll options, menu options and link must be displayed in visible sides of your website page. These features must

also not obstruct the information displayed. So, make sure that the design and colour of those designs are not in contrast with the text colour.

Search engine is the master today, take it seriously

In any search engine result if your website is beyond the first page of results, then the chances of visitors visiting your website will be low. To avoid such circumstances, make sure to use keywords in your content and website that would make your website land on the first result page from the search engine. Use to identify keywords that visitors normally use and search for.

Once you identify the keywords that would bring website traffic to your website, use those keywords in appropriate places as follows. Use those keywords in your website’s domain name, title of your page, first paragraph of your first page that visitors would land in, etc. Make sure to keywords where it is required and don’t use it more than needed. This is because you do not want your website to be banned from the search engines for spamming with keywords.

Collect visitors e-mail address and enhance customer loyalty

Collecting details such as name and e-mail ID through your website will allow you to stay in touch with the visitor and provide them with updates and news notifications on your products or services. This will provide you the means to reach customers and figure out what interests them. Make sure not to collect more personal details from the visitor, because if you do, then it might creep out the visitor.

Provide proof of quality for your products or services through testimonials or reviews in your website

When you include a section for customers reviews and testimonials for your products of service, you will notice a sufficient amount of increase in website traffic. Testimonials and reviews will give you the opportunity to identify potential visitors or customers and most of all build customer loyalty. Obtain feedback from your visitors and customers and also clarify their queries as quickly as possible.

Include necessary and appropriate media files and information in your website

Today the media industry plays a vital role in influencing customers and visitors of a business. They have the potential to make customers and visitors be attracted towards your website or move farther away. To ensure that customers and visitors are attracted towards your website, use the media resources such as TV, social network, etc. Using these resources expand your website visitor base by building brand image and also reaching customers and visitors beyond your home locality.

Conclusion: Obtaining website traffic takes a thousand step and right now take the first step

It may not seem easy to obtain website traffic because different visitors have different preferences and values. But if you develop an appropriate strategy by following the above tips, it might give you the opportunity to gain more website traffic without investing or spending more money. Good Luck.

Sonal Mehta

Sonal Mehta is a Content Lead at Solulab, USA based On-demand mobile app development company, started by Ex vice president of Goldman Sachs, USA and Ex iOS lead engineer of Citrix. Solulab help build startups - we are a no-sweat technical partner for early stage entrepreneurs to launch ideas from scratch and for later stage startups to build more quickly and affordably.

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