Farmers’ Suicides in India – Facts and Figures

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India is an agrarian country with around 60% of its people depending on agriculture and allied sectors . But farmers’ suicides in India is distressing. On an average 34 farmers are committing suicides every day. One needs to look at the statistical data and literature on farmer suicides to understand the real shades of distress that a farmers are going through nowadays.

A major cause of the farmers’ suicides in India has been the increasing burden on the farmers due to various factors which has been clearly manifested in infographic. There are various reasons such as  Indebness, farming problems, poverty, personal issues, Illness and few other causes which includes monsoon failure, climate change are leading farmers to commit suicides. A good crop with prices drop also lead farmers to depression shows urgency of precautionary steps to help farmers in India

Maharashtra records highest number of farmer suicides followed by telangana and Karnataka. According to the land holding ratios Small and Medium farmers are more prone to suicides. In past 10 years numbers of farmers are decreased by 8.6 Million which may be due to urbanization and shifting to other works. All these literature reminds us to take action on instant basis to curb the suicidal rate of farmers and extend a helping hand to those who are producing food for us. Apart from government organizations many Agriculture ngos in India are also working to find a solution and help farmers by creating awareness on schemes, training farmers on new cultivation technologies and helping them to market their produce for good price but still lot of incidences has been recording which shows need of more activities and assistance from both government and non-government organizations to fill confidence and sense of support in farmers.

Main Causes for Farmer suicides
Main Causes for Farmer suicides