Full guide to get Vietnam visa in Saudi Arabia

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You are in Saudi Arabia now and planning to visit Vietnam. Perhaps, what is your first concern is how to apply for Vietnam visa in Saudi Arabia.

If you are Saudi Arabian passport holder or you are not citizen of a visa-exempt countries and staying in Saudi Arabia, you are required to obtain a visa for Vietnam. Luckily getting Vietnam visa in Saudi Arabia is getting much easier as it can be done through either of two legitimate way as bellows:

  1. Going to the Vietnam Embassy in Saudi Arabia to submit your visa application
  2. Applying online for Vietnam Visa on arrival via Vietnamvisavoa.com

In the following we will guide you to obtain visa in each way:

For Vietnam Embassy:

It is fortune that currently travelers can visit an office of Vietnam Embassy in Saudi Arabia to lodge your visa application.

The address of the Vietnam Embassy is given in following details:

Address: Villa No. 23 Al-Dhiyafah Street, Al-Nuzha District, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Telephone: +966-1-4547887; +966 -1-4569756

Fax: +966-1-4548844

Email: vnemb.sa@mofa.gov.vn or vietsa@ymail.com

Be kindly advised that your visa application can be submitted in person or via post. Just for your information about what documents and procedure you need to prepare and do before going to the Vietnam Embassy in Saudi Arabia, you can see a basic guidance as bellows:

  • Fill out the Vietnam Visa application form given by the officer at the Vietnam Embassy; submit this completed form there with your original passport, photos, visa fee and other documents exclusively requested by the Embassy
  • Get the Appoint Letter and check the date to get back to collect your visa
  • Go back the Embassy again to appointed date to collect your visa with passport.

Regularly, processing time can be taken between 5-7 working days.

The 2nd option takes you less time and more convenient if you are eligible to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival from Saudi Arabia. By doing this way, no travelling to the Embassy is required, no sending off passport is must-do, and you just need to go through some simple steps:

  • Fill out and submit your visa form at https://vietnamvisavoa.com/en/apply-online
  • Make payment for visa service fee online through payment link
  • Wait for 3-5 working days to receive visa approval letter which is sent to your email

Print out the visa letter and get visa stamped on your passport upon arrival at the Vietnam Airport.

Advantage of getting Vietnam visa on arrival for Saudi Arabian citizen

Convenience: for Saudi Arabian people living far away from Vietnam Embassy, or in the country where there is no Vietnam Embassy, Vietnam visa on arrival becomes a very convenient way to obtain Vietnam visa. You just need to stay anywhere online to submit your visa application as long as you are equipped with Internet connected devices

Simplicity: In contrast with filling out a complicated written application at the Vietnam Embassy, getting visa on arrival is completed quickly with few steps online. You don’t need to travel to Vietnam Embassy back and forth to submit and collect your visa because your visa approval letter is dropped your email after a few days.

Time saving: No travelling is required when visa application will apply for Vietnam visa on arrival. Of course, you will save a great deal of time for travelling the Vietnam Embassy again and again.

Cost saving: Applying Vietnam visa online definitely cuts down your visa cost. You do not need to spend money on cost for travelling Vietnam Embassy, let alone you have no pay for the day you are off to visit the Embassy. So, it cannot be denied that visa on arrival really saves you a huge amount of money.  To apply via some professional and reliable visa agency, you can get a good discount for travelling in group or promotion.

Should you have any inquires in respect of Vietnam visa on arrival for Saudi Arabian, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are willing to support you at any time with our best support. 

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