Hair Types for Wigs – Peruvian Hair and What you need to know about it

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Hair extensions, hair wigs, and a lot more options have made themselves known over the last century, especially, with more and more of these products leaning towards more natural looks. Wig users around the world find themselves thankful for this, as it means ease of use and purchase, as well as access to stylists who are well versed in the latest styles.

But what is a beginner, or relative fresher in the world of wigs to do when foraying into a market choc-a-block with options! We are here to guide those beginners who find themselves researching and looking for the best available overviews for the various hair types available in the market at this point. In this article, we shall focus on Peruvian hair products, and all there is to know about them before purchasing them for personal use.

Peruvian Hair – Virgin, Unprocessed, and REMY Hair

Peruvian hair, as the name suggests, is hair that is taken from donors who originate from Peru. This hair is 100% natural, and free of any chemical treatments at all. Peruvian hair can be purchased in the virgin REMY quality – which indicates that when the donor was shaven to extract the hair, it was carefully removed so as not to disturb the hair follicle, and pull it out as well. This practice of REMY hair being used in wigs is to make the wigs appear more naturally placed, with the hair pointing in the direction that it grew on the donor’s head.

Now, Peruvian hair is one of the most popular hair types available in the market. This hair is multi-purpose, versatile, and dynamic to style, and is best suited to all types of natural hair. Peruvian hair, since it is natural, has that human quality about it, such as a certain shine and luster. It is slightly expensive to purchase, but the quality is impeccable.

Since there aren’t too many people living in Peru at all, this hair is exclusive. Many Indian and Spanish immigrants living in Peru also donate their hair, making this a wide variety of Peruvian Hair for wigs.

Characteristics of Peruvian Hair


The texture of Peruvian hair is mostly coarse. It is dense and textured a lot more than you would expect. However, instead of being a disadvantage, this makes the hair so much more beautiful and full-bodied. It can withstand its texture whether it is long or short. This is what gives Peruvian hair wigs and products the kind of mass it has.


Peruvian hair is very simple to maintain as you only need to do for it what you would do to your own hair. Pamper it by using shampoo, conditioners, and serums. This hair is also easy to style, meaning that it holds a style in it properly, without falling out. Since this hair is also thicker and heavier than other types, it tends to be heavy at the bottom and manageable. Since Peruvian hair is virgin hair, it can withstand long hours of bleaching and processing before becoming rough.


The test of the durability of such hair as Peruvian hair is whether it tangles quickly or not and whether it has a tendency to tear at odd places. Peruvian hair does not do either of the two without severe styling related damage. And even then, this hair is mostly tangle-free.


The volume of Peruvian donor hair is usually so thick and strong that this hair is a prime candidate for those with wispy hair. Peruvian hair is generally thicker in the strand and looks a lot fluffier than usual.

Advantages of purchasing Peruvian Hair

The main advantages of Peruvian hair products like wigs and wefts are as follows:

The natural feel of the hair is owed to the fact that is virgin donor hair that is brought into making a wig without any processing at all. The hair does not touch chemicals until you decide to style it. This is a great advantage since when this kind of hair is installed, it feels like the hair is growing naturally from your scalp itself.

Peruvian hair is also some of the best blended with natural hair in all its tones, types, and colors. This is because the natural tones of Peruvian hair are such that it is evenly distributed on the head of the donor. One donor’s hair is used to make a single wig, giving the color a reasonable natural touch.

The versatility of the Peruvian hair type is great for many reasons. One of these is that the hair can hold a style – be it straightened or curled. Peruvian hair is also light and can be put in any hairstyle you would like. It is best worn and forgotten so as to really get a feel of its natural appeal.

Peruvian hair blends with both – Caucasian hair, as well as black people’s textured hair.

Disadvantages of Peruvian Hair

There are not many disadvantages to purchasing Peruvian hair products. One of the main complaints that long term users of the hair have is that the hair tends to become frizzy and reactive to humidity very fast. This also means that maintenance of Peruvian hair has to be left partially, if not fully, on your local stylist.

Since it is so rare, Peruvian hair is hard to come by and is very expensive. It also means that to have this hair installed, you will have to give yourself a few hours to sacrifice your time.

Final Word

The final word on Peruvian Hair and products is that while they may be difficult to assess and keep on our heads for days on end, Peruvian hair is unique. It is some of the most elite looking hair wigs and extensions, and since there are so few in existence, it gives us a vote of confidence.

Additionally, in order to keep your hair clean and not overcome by natural oils, you can use a silk scarf under your head on a pillow when you sleep, thus preventing your Peruvian hair wig from becoming tangled, wispy, or knotted.

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