How Fit Body Factory Massage Guns Are Worth It?

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With tons of options available on store shelves or online, massage guns are now more popular than ever. However, many people prefer owning a muscle vibrating gun for use, whether an athlete, a gym-goer or a casual stretch or walk person.

It is already proved that applying mechanical pressure on muscles can release tightness or knots due to any activity or exercise. Although massage therapists are a viable option, not everyone can afford one or has time for a session. In such cases, a muscle massage gun offers an easy choice to get a therapist-level massage anywhere you like.

Still, how should one choose a massage gun? There are plenty of options ranging from $30 to $600 and includes multiple heads, speeds, and pressure levels of vibration or percussion therapy.

In between all this, there are Fit Body Factory massage guns that provide premium massages to enhance performance and release stress or tension. If you have any doubts or concerns, we are here to help. We will be discussing some of the fantastic benefits of FBF massage guns and how it helps people of all ages to excel throughout the day.

Available Massage Guns

If you come over to the shop section of The Fit Body Factory, you have four options of massage guns to choose from. Each one comes with its own set of features and qualities, which we will describe as follows.

1.   Hammer

The FBF Hammer Gun is one of the most powerful massage guns that offer deep tissue pulsating action massages and has decent battery life. Moreover, the hammer massage gun comes packed with 15-speed options and a potent percussion vibration that can go up to 3000 percussions per minute.

Moving on, the FBF Hammer can help break up tensed muscles to promote faster recovery, increase the range of motions, and provide relaxation. Also, the pulsating action assists in alleviating muscle aches and pains.

2. Pulse

The FBF Pulse massage gun offers deep and powerful muscle compressions to help relieve muscle soreness. The Pulse deep tissue massager weighs only 3.3 pounds, making it efficient and comfortable to use. Moreover, the convenient and compact design is packed with the newest noise reduction technology and a high-torque motor to give up to 3200 percussions per minute at 30-speed settings.

Now coming over to the benefits, the Pulse muscle massage gun helps promote good muscle repair and recovery. Also, it helps enhance blood flow and reduce lactic acid. It is excellent for pre-and post-workout activity and provides rehabilitation and physiotherapy benefits.

3.   Ultra

The FBF Ultra massage gun comes loaded with 6 different speed functions. The Ultra percussion massage therapy gun also packs in the ultra-quiet technology motor and weighs about 4.3 pounds. The massage machine gun also has 6 attachments and can operate at 3300 hits per minute with 65 pounds of force.

Moving on, the ultra massage gun is guaranteed to loosen tight muscles and release muscle sores and provide relief from pain and aches. The ultra gun is perfect for casual and after-workout sessions.

4. Volt

The FBF Volt muscle massage gun is a silent but multi-functional unit with different attachments to level up the muscular relief you get. The pulse-heated percussion therapy gun weighs only 4.1 lbs and comes packed with eight massage head attachments. Moreover, the ultra-quiet motor technology can operate at up to 3600 hits per minute at 5 different speed settings.

Furthermore, the volt massage gun can help release tension and promote faster recovery with heated attachments. As a result, it is a premium-level massage gun favoured by many professional sports teams.

How To Use An FBF Massage Gun?

Now that you have selected and purchased your massage gun and are ready to get a session, you might want to know how to operate one. The steps to use the FBF product are as follows.

  1. The first thing that you have to do is charge the gun for 6 hours since it’s the first time.
  2. Now, disconnect the battery and securely position it within the massage gun.
  3. After that, choose your preferred massager head and carefully attach it to the gun.
  4. Go ahead and switch on the device with the power button.
  5. There are two more buttons labelled ‘+’ and ‘-‘ to increase and decrease the speed.
  6. An essential piece of advice is not to use the massage gun on any part of the body at high speeds for more than 60 seconds.
  7. In the end, when you are done with the massage, make sure to turn off the device, secure the attachments and machine in the carry case it comes with, and store it.  

Final Words

The Fit Body Factory muscle vibrating guns are great devices that are lightweight and come packed with tons of options and settings. So whether you are an athlete, a gym enthusiast, or an everyday activity person, the lightweight design and top-notch performance of FBF massage guns are the best choices for you.

Moreover, each Fit Body Factory massage gun is sturdily built and offers a wide range of usability options, including muscle pain, backaches, physiotherapy, muscle rehabilitation, massage therapy, and much more. The different settings and options help enhance performance, promote activity to make you feel better, move faster and heal quicker.

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