How Often Should You Detail Your Car?

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Your car is probably one of the most important and valuable investments you’ve made and demands regular and proper care for a longer life. This fact brings about the need for professional car detailing. But more so often we come across several queries about what the process is, what it involves, its benefits and other related queries like when should we get our car cleaning done, and how often. Let’s get to the complete details on what you should know about the car detailing process, its benefits and where you would get the best car detailing service centers in your region.

What is Car Detailing?

There might have been instances of utter confusion with what is the difference between a car wash and a car detailing process when both the process primarily involves the washing technique. The confusion ends here.

Car detailing is a more thorough and detailed version of a car wash. A car wash is chiefly concerned with the washing aspect of the process, and the aim to remove the dust, dirt and debris sitting on the surfaces and with the impending chances of causing the metal to rust and related paintwork damage. Whereas, car detailing involves a meticulous approach to having your car professionally cleaned, inside and out for an overall spotless appearance.

What is included in Car Detailing?

A car detailing’s thorough approach involves having the complete interior and exterior car cleaning. The former step includes immaculate surface shine for all the different types and forms of surfaces of the leather, plastic, vinyl surfaces on distinct areas including the seats, carpets, steering wheel, doors, dashboard, etc. by using specialised techniques and tools, like the ones for vacuuming and steam car cleaning processes. This endeavour also includes thorough glass cleansing, windshield surface cleansing and a detailed exterior wash with the aim to remove all the greases, spots entirely. Exterior washing is the professional and detailed wash for the tires, wheels, windows and restoring paintwork’s minor cosmetic finishes as well.

How to know if it’s the right time for car detailing?

The question will entail a subjective answer because the right time to detail a car varies on several deciding factors that include its use in varying environmental conditions, the last time it was serviced and timely service recommendations as per its make and model.

The thumb rule for a car detailing service will say that you must get your car detailing done at least once every four to five months, which implies at least twice or thrice in a year. This suggestion will again depend on the kind of person you are, your driving habits and service preferences. You need to check your owner’s manual for details on the frequency of having the car serviced and follow the interval recommendation as mentioned.

There is no doubt that regular car detailing will  tremendously help in your vehicle’s upkeep, but it also depends on how regularly you keep it cleaned. If you’re particular about car interior cleaning and have your car thoroughly cleansed, waxed often or the exterior is routinely washed, and genuinely put effort into its proper maintenance then the need for a quarterly car detailing service diminishes. If you have a rough use for your vehicle and tend to skip the regular washing and cleanliness upkeeping, then you should adhere to the suggestions particularly, for your benefits.

Benefits of Car Detailing

The primary functional aim of the car detailing process is to restore your car’s proper condition after extended, strenuous use.

The numerous other benefits of a car detailing process include:

Increase Life Span

Things kept in proper order and shape have a longer life than the ones mishandled or not taken adequate care. Keeping the exterior grit free and with proper car interior cleaning, the several parts and components remain clean, shiny and dust/debris free and will prevent any contamination like rust from damaging the surfaces, keep them in proper shape and thus extending their lifespan.

Improved Physical Appearance

Not a difficult guess but yes, a professional car detail is assured to improve the overall physical appearance of your car. The detailing process, along with the purpose of having clean car exteriors and interiors, serves to improve the overall physical appearance, providing protection and spotlessly shining features.

Higher Value for Resale

The results from professionally cleaning and detailing a car and following its regular intervals in servicing will enhance your car’s resale value. This comes with the fact that an unkempt and untidy vehicle loses its value on resale because of its appearance. In contrast, the value increases for one that is in proper condition and appearance.

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