20 Recommended Remote Work Tools by Category

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Business chat

Business chat is a tool that prepares groups for each team and exchanges messages in a chat format. Of course, one-on-one communication is also possible, and in business chat, quick communication can enhance the immediacy of information exchange. Also, unlike e-mail, you can check whether the other party is online or offline, and you can also use it to check whether you are present or away.

1) Microsoft Teams

It is a business chat provided by Microsoft, and all communication functions are integrated, not limited to chat tools. It is a tool included in Microsoft 365, which will be described later, and serves as a hub for organizational communication.

2) Slack

Slack is famous as a business chat for developers, and it is characterized by having various add-ons (additional functions). Therefore, each user can prepare their own business chat environment, and efficient remote work can be expected.

3) ChatWork

A classic business chat that has exceeded 240,000 companies. Not only message exchange but also task management, file sharing, video call, etc. are possible, and comprehensive functions support communication between remote workers.

Web conferencing

A web conferencing tool is a tool that enables virtual face-to-face communication even during remote work. Since the camera and microphone built into the computer are used, the additional cost is low, and the entire team can communicate while looking at the members’ faces.

4) Zoom

Although security problems have been pointed out these days, it has become a popular tool because there is a way to operate it securely. Since up to 1,000 people can participate in one meeting room, it can also be used for general morning meetings.

5) Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams introduced above can also be used as a secure web conferencing system.


Although it is a video conferencing system, it can be connected from a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet, and it is a tool that also has the advantages of a web conferencing system. Communication is fairly stable, so communication can be smooth.

Cloud storage

The file storage provided in the cloud allows you to share files in the same way as when you are in the office, and you can also set access privileges for each member, so you can use it as a file-sharing space for remote work while ensuring security. I can do it.

7) Box

A tool designed as cloud storage for business. In addition to detailed security functions, it also has functions for smooth communication between remote workers and external stakeholders.

8) Dropbox

Original cloud storage: The business plan has enhanced security features that allow you to fine-tune file access rights for each user.


It is a tool provided as a comprehensive communication platform and integrates multiple tools such as business chat, web conferencing, and cloud storage. Some services also have site creation functions and project management functions, which are tools for increasing productivity.

9) Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

Business software that includes groupware functions provided by Microsoft. Communication systems that are familiar to server products such as Exchange and SharePoint are available online. As mentioned above, Microsoft Teams can add various functions in the form of tabs as a hub for connecting communication.

10) G Suite

Groupware for a business that is simply designed, similar to the free web tools provided by Google. Familiar features such as Gmail and Google Drive have been upgraded to the business version for simple communication.

Document creation

Document creation tools such as Excel and PowerPoint are also indispensable for remote work. It’s important to be able to edit this online, especially when working remotely, so consider Office Online, Google Docs, and more.

11) FlipHTML5

This is among the list of remote working tools that allows you to create a very engaging content. You can create a collaborated e-magazine, brochure or a lesson plan and a presentation that is highly interactive. There will be 3-D turning effect of the pages where you can add images and video as well to make it more relevant and more attractive.

12) Google Docs, etc.

Each of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides is a tool that corresponds to Microsoft’s Word Excel PowerPoint. Also, Google Form makes it easy to create questionnaire forms, etc., and also collects answers automatically.

Project management

Project management tools deployed on the cloud are effective in thoroughly managing the progress of each remote worker. If managers and members can grasp the progress, it can be expected to improve motivation and efficiency for work by using it as a standard for personnel evaluation and eliminating bias in workload.

13) Asana

It is a popular project management tool overseas that was made into service by the former Facebook CTO. The task management function is extensive, and you can easily check the progress of tasks that cannot be managed by email or chat.

14) Backlog

A domestic project management tool was introduced by more than 4,000 companies. It also features functions to promote communication such as file sharing, Wiki function, and version control.

Attendance management

For remote work, which the labor-management staff does not pay attention to, it is possible to manage working hours easily and prevent overwork by introducing an attendance management system and having them thoroughly stamp their attendance and departure.

15) Job can attendance management

It is a cloud-based attendance management system installed in more than 9,000 companies. Since it supports various work styles such as modified work, flextime, and discretionary work system, it can support various work styles even during remote work.


It is an attendance management system that supports various stamping methods such as passwords and biometrics. It can also be used for direct and direct work styles such as sales positions, and the monthly fee is calculated based on the number of people stamped, reducing unnecessary costs.


In addition to installing basic security software on your computer, you may need to take various security measures against the increase in work via the Internet.

17) Norton 360

Security brand provided by Symantec. You can ensure the basic security required for remote work such as antivirus, antimalware, and cloud backup for Windows.

18) OfficeScan Cloud

Since it is cloud-based security software, it is extremely lightweight and has the flexibility to respond to the latest threats. Furthermore, the high defense power of the latest technology incorporating AI prevents damage such as viruses and Internet fraud.

19) CrowdStrike Falcon

It is an EDR product that can respond to unknown threats. It has a high reputation as an endpoint protection solution.

Visualization of working style

To measure the productivity of remote workers, each computer can be equipped with a very small agent that does not waste CPU to maintain and improve system performance, and the workspace (working environment) can be visualized. It is also effective for acquiring log information when a problem occurs and identifying the cause.

20) SysTrack

SysTrack provides detailed information for optimizing your employees’ IT environment for increased productivity. Monitor and analyze factors that affect the user experience and score that user experience. Also, it provides the information you need to plan, deploy, and optimize your IT environment.

SysTrack provides information on “what is installed on the PC?” And “who is using it?” Regardless of whether it is physical or virtual, as well as resource usage and patterns of disks, memory, networks, etc. By collecting and analyzing, it is possible to optimize the use of PC and user resources. It also contributes to improving productivity and strengthening security in remote work.

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