What to do of Samsung galaxy s10 can’t connect to Wi-Fi:

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It does not matter if you have the latest model or mobile for several years. Wi-Fi problems are the order of the day and thousands of users encounter them.

Sometimes we quickly blame the problem on the mobile, although there are many factors that can influence it. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S10 and you are having problems with Wi-Fi, read on because we are going to leave you with some tips to solve it.

Wi-Fi not connecting, Wi-Fi coming and going, or slow speed, are some of the most common symptoms of the problem with Wi-Fi.

Some users of the Galaxy S10 are reporting these problems in specialized forums, but in most cases, the problem is solved after performing a series of actions, which allow finding the problem to make everything return to normal.

Before looking at the tips, we must make sure that our Galaxy S10 is updated to the latest version since this type of problem is often solved.

Restart the router:

Most Wi-Fi problems are solved by an action as simple as restarting the router. This must be our first step.

We can turn off the router if it has a button for it or disconnect the power cord and leave it off for 10 seconds before reconnecting it once restarted we must verify if the problem has disappeared.

To determine if it is a problem of Wi-Fi or our mobile, it is important to check if another electronic device such as a second mobile or a tablet can connect with the same network without a problem.

Forced restart:

If we have verified the above and the problem persists, it is advisable to perform a forced restart of the device. In the Galaxy S10, we will have to keep the power button + volume down on for approximately 12 seconds until the terminal turns off and on again. This method will also works in other devices like new Samsung Galaxy S20 and more.

This will bring up a Boot Mode screen, in which we will have to select Normal Boot. The selection must be made from the volume keys and the power button will “enter” to confirm. We will have to wait approximately 90 seconds until the reboot is complete.

Clear the system cache:

Over time, the temporary files that make up the system cache can become corrupted, causing a general system malfunction and causing Wi-Fi connection errors.

To clear the cache we must follow the following steps:

  • First, re-enter the system recovery option
  • Then press the Volume Down key
  • Till the clear cache partition option appears
  • After this confirm with the power button.
  • When the deletion of the cache partition is complete, click on “Restart Now”.

Forget Wi-Fi:

Another step that usually fixes problems with Wi-Fi is “forgetting” our Wi-Fi connection. This will cause the system to delete the stored credentials to access the network, so we will have to re-enter the password again. All the steps are given below

  • Slide down the notification bar
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi icon.
  • Then we just have to tap on the name of our Wi-Fi network
  • And click on “forget”
  • Restart your Samsung Galaxy S10
  • And reconnect to the Wi-Fi network to see if the problem has disappeared.

Reestablish network connections:

If the previous step does not work, we can try to reset the network settings. This will erase all non-default network settings, which can sometimes be a solution. All the steps are given below

  • First, we have to tap on Settings
  • Then click on the General
  • After this click on Reset
  • And then tap on Reset network settings and click on “confirm”

Safe Mode:

If you want to solve your Wi-Fi problem then after checking the previous methods we recommend you try a Safe Mode. Because in the Safe Mode only pre-installed applications will run and third-party apps will automatically disabled.

If your Wi-Fi works properly in this safe mode then it is confirmed that a third party application is the main problem. If you don’t know how to go to the Safe Mode of Galaxy S10 then follow all the given steps

  • Power off your Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Now press and hold the power button until the name appears on your mobile screen
  • When Samsung appears on your mobile screen then you have to release the Power button
  • After this immediately press and hold the volume down button
  • Keep pressing the volume down button of your mobile until your S10 finishes the rebooting
  • After all this Safe Mode appears on your Samsung Galaxy S10, then release the volume down button

In the Safe Mode, you can easily uninstall the third party applications that are causing any type of problem for Wi-Fi

Factory default:

If all of the above fails, we can try resetting the mobile to factory settings. It is the last method before going to the Technical Service, but in a large part of the cases, it fixes the problem. It is a more aggressive method, but it will leave the mobile as we bought it, doing a total cleaning of the software and adjustments that may have destabilized our Wi-Fi connection.

After having saved all our data follow the given data

  • First, we go to the settings menu
  • And go to the General
  • Within this menu, we have to tap on Reset
  • And select Reset to factory value

Once the terminal is confirmed, it will be working for a while to return to its original state. If this method does not work either, we can start thinking about making a visit to the Technical Service so that they can find the problem and fix it for you. You can easily find too many stores in your area to fix the Wi-Fi problem of your Samsung Galaxy S10.


All the details about the Samsung S10 Wi-Fi problem are given above, I hope with these solutions your Wi-Fi problem will be solved otherwise you have visit the Technical Services to solve your Samsung Galaxy S10 Wi-Fi problem

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