What is Cloud Computing and Why it Matters in 2020

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Using internet technologies, delivering elastic and scalable IT services is Cloud Computing. Organizations are consuming computer services in old and traditional ways, even in this technological advancement era. 

These traditional approaches include local servers and local systems to run various applications. Cloud computing allows an organization to use servers provided by any external service provider. These service providers just charge a fee for their services and take the headache of computing for your organization.

Let’s understand more about cloud computing. Just like you pay your bill for electricity or house rent, you have to pay for the usage of cloud computing. Just like you consume electricity and you don’t have to worry about power stations and other factors involved. While using a cloud server, you don’t have to worry about servers, their maintenance or any other factors.

Your cloud server would be in an environment where someone else will take care of it. Even they will provide support in case of any trouble in computing. Someone else will handle the backend and you will consume the service without any trouble.

Why Cloud Computing is Important:

If you want to stay in the competition and groom your business, you have to opt for recent technologies and replace the older ones. Cloud computing provides many benefits at a low cost. For instance, if you are willing to increase server capacity, you just need to make a phone call to the service providers and they will do the rest.

Cloud gives you an unlimited elastic scale to increase your staff and if due to some reason you want to decrease the capacity of your server.

Many tech giants such as Microsoft are providing certifications to understand cloud computing. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) is a famous and valuable certification of Microsoft. AZ-900 preparation material can help you in getting this certification.

Here are some benefits that you can avail by opting cloud computing:

Cost Savings:

It’s been quite expensive to manage, deploy and run local systems in the past. It has taken a lot of capital of organizations that they could use on various other things. Not only this but organizations have to hire a technical person to handle the complex scenarios. These IT professionals cost them a huge amount per year.

Cloud computing resolved this problem. You can shift on the cloud and say bye to your on-premise servers. This will save you the cost of server installations, increasing capacity, technicals for handling servers and maintenance.

Opt for Latest Technology:

Updating and upgrading of on-premise servers cost a huge amount to many organizations. Cloud will provide you latest servers for your daily work routine and you can easily upgrade and downgrade capacity. With the upgraded next version server, an organization can increase its performance speed.

Cloud will make sure to provide you the latest technology. Opting latest technology will not only boost your efficiency but it will also increase clientele.

There is also no need to hire any highly paid technical persons. Whenever a new patch is released, it will be automatically installed to on their servers. It will also make sure your applications will remain compatible with the new patch to prevent any inconvenience.

By using up-to-date technology, you can remain on the cutting edge and compete with others.


There is no need to visit the office every time whenever you have to do a task. This is the best advantage of the cloud. Mobility provided by the cloud is amazing. No one is confined to the office for the work. Cloud is hosted online and you can do your work from anywhere around the world.

There isn’t any time boundary as well. At any time an individual can access cloud servers and perform his/her task. Individuals can get the required information from cloud servers by using any gadgets (mobiles, laptops, tablets) that are allowed.

Staff can work from home or anywhere else. By giving more mobility to the staff, an organization can increase its efficiency and clientele. From anywhere at anytime employees can update their data on the cloud that they can also share with other members.

Ending Thoughts:

Everything in the industry of information technology is changing rapidly. If an organization is not upgrading itself, it will soon lose its worth. For individuals, they must learn new technologies to groom their career.


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