Netgear WN3000RP: A Complete User Guide

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Netgear launched the WN3000RP (n300) universal wireless expansion king for problems link dead spots, effectively eliminating wireless blind spots, easily connecting to the Internet in any corner of the room, integrated power supply, wall plug design, avoiding the need for additional power cables or equipment for mywifiext. Make your desk or home theater look messy. Wireless extension king Netgear WN3000RP, villa-level wireless network enjoyment.   

Introduction to the indicators and ports of the WN3000RP

  • WPS one-key encryption indicator: Indicates the WPS connection status of the expander. The green is always on and indicates that the device is wirelessly encrypted. If Green flashes, it indicates that the WPS local connection is in progress.
  • PC connection indicator: Solid green when the computer is connected to the extender.  
  • Power indicator light:  It is orange when power is turned on and is solid green while operating.
  • Connection status indicator: Indicates the status of the connection between the extender and the router. Green indicates the best; orange indicates better; red indicates poor.
  • Ethernet interface:  10/100M adaptive Ethernet interface for connecting one wired device.
  • Reset button: Press and hold the button for 10 seconds while the power is on. When the power indicator flashes, the expander can be restored to factory settings. This helps to a great deal in avoiding mywifiext error.
  • WPS one-button encryption button: Used in conjunction with wireless devices that support one-button encryption for fast and secure setup.
  • Power switch: Turns the device power on/off.

First-time use   

Using an expander in your wireless network will effectively extend the coverage of your wireless signal. Wireless extender placement. The wireless expander should be placed between the wireless router and the wireless device. The wireless device is located beyond the wireless router’s signal coverage.

Set up the wireless expander for the first time  

Method 1: Quickly set up with one-click encryption  

First, press the one-click encryption button (WPS or QSS logo) on the wireless router. Within 2 minutes, press the WPS one-key encryption button of the expander. At this time, the WPS one-key encryption indicator starts to flash and wait patiently until the connection status indicator lights up, indicating that the expander is successfully connected to the router.

 The expander is installed and can be used to connect to wireless devices such as computers. Its wireless network identifier is the wireless identity of the router followed by “_EXT”. For example, if the wireless signal of the router is Your Network, the wireless signal of the expander is Your Network EXT. The wireless password of the expander is the same as the wireless password of the router.   

Important Note: If the button is not found, please use the second method to set it.

Method 2: Set up after logging in with a browser

Use your computer to wirelessly connect to Netgear_EXT (the default wireless network ID of the expander). When the expander’s PC connection indicator is lit, it indicates that the connection was successful. Open IE browser, the browser will automatically jump to the settings page; if there is no jump, please enter in the address bar.

Follow the prompts of the setup wizard to complete all settings; the connection status indicator should remain lit, indicating that the extender successfully connected to the router. The expander is installed and can be used to connect to wireless devices such as computers. If there is no change, the wireless network ID of the expander defaults to the wireless ID of the router followed by “_EXT”, and the wireless password is the same as the router by default.   

Advanced Configuration   
1. Connect to the expander using a computer.   
2. Open IE and enter in the address bar. Enter the username and password in the login interface (default username: admin, password: password, letters are lowercase)   
 3. Perform the appropriate advanced configuration of the expander at the help prompt.

Moreover, if you have any issues left to ask and solve, remember that we are always there to help you. We are the service provider of Netgear that are always ready to help those who cannot open or facing  mywifiext password issues. Without any hesitation reach us simply via comment/ feedback section below.

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