How On Demand App Solutions Help To Increase Business Sales

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Smart phones have easily been the most underrated technological advancement of the 2000s. Smartphone penetration is projected to touch 35% worldwide by the end of year 2018. In layman terms, over one third of the world population today uses a smartphone regularly. These devices encapsulate the entire world into the hand of the user. And in the forefront of the screens lie the on demand mobile applications. On demand mobile applications development are basically customized solutions that cater to the specific needs of a market segmented on the basis of requirements, age, gender etc. The process, interface, flow, architecture, design, and features differ from solution to solution.

The offline mode of business has long since fallen out of favor with the millennials. The target audience is far too busy to reach out for the products. This has made it necessary for companies to create solutions through which they can increase reach with ease. While generic solutions exist in the market, they cannot be customized to maximize returns. On demand app development offers the perfect solution to increase sales without investing a lot of resources into offline marketing. Read below to learn how exactly can a mobile application profit your business.


The first and foremost rule of any business is to maximize profits and minimize losses. One way to approach this issue is by tapping into larger markets. And what market is greater than the one present online? Offline modes of business are limited in range due to several factors. Budget constraints, lack of physical stores, lack of manpower, lack of elite transportation facilities and lack of secondary resources such as power supply can mar the growth of a business. Most of the funds also need to be diverted towards advertising in the media. While these steps are not impossible, it is much easier to increase range and traffic via the internet.

The internet transcends boundaries and borders that separate nations. On demand mobile applications make optimum use of this very factor. Your market presence can spread across several nations due to the widespread proliferation of smartphones.


According to a recent study, a majority of business owners view their mobile apps as a means to improve customer service. Gone are the days of depending on customer service representatives going house to house to market products and collect reviews. Neither do you need to depend on an inadequately trained call center executive to handle the customers. By creating the perfect user interface, your app can handle customers satisfactorily day in and day out without glitching.

Moreover, the application can help keep the product within the customers grasp at all times. Even in the middle of the night, the consumer can look up product details or even make a purchase without having to wait another day.

Another great way to connect with the customers is to create an integrated loyalty program which will ensure return traffic on your app. Each purchase can be incentivized by giving tokens that can be redeemed within the app. Points can be added and shown in real time motivating the customer to make more purchases. This also cultivates a loyal customer base for the brand.


Digitization of businesses has also lead to a surge in competition. So what separates a great product from an average one? The answer is brand presence. This marketing tool has been used by the biggest companies around the world to garner attention. Ad campaigns by CocaCola and Apple are classic examples. While the smaller companies might not be aiming for such extraordinary levels, proper brand positioning can help elevate the brand. A mobile application allows you to position your brand favorably.

Consumers need to feel a connection with your brand. This fosters trust and faith, eventually leading to more sales. Before the internet, giving free goodies like magnets, calendars, and posters helped create brand awareness. But now you can use your app to create a list of email ids and phone numbers to target your audience directly. You can use analytics to study the consumer history and data and create customized marketing messages for each customer. This can drive organic traffic to your app, positively affecting your sales.

Almost every business in the world can reap profits by developing an on demand app solution. But a lot also depends on the kind of expertise and tools are used to create the app. The mobile application must be flexible in its approach by offering 24/7 online assistance. The user interface must remain light, uncluttered, and intuitive. High tech features such as instant payment, free shipping, doorstep delivery, coupons must be integrated into the app. Only experienced and reputed developers can create a complete user experience from the front end to the back end. Thus, investing in an on demand app solution from a reputed development company is the right choice to make.

Sonal Mehta

Sonal Mehta is a Content Lead at Solulab, USA based On-demand mobile app development company, started by Ex vice president of Goldman Sachs, USA and Ex iOS lead engineer of Citrix. Solulab help build startups - we are a no-sweat technical partner for early stage entrepreneurs to launch ideas from scratch and for later stage startups to build more quickly and affordably.