How to Recover Permanently Deleted Data From USB Flash Drive – Best Solution

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USB Flash Drive is one of the most convenient portable data-storage devices used to store and transfer various data items from one computer to another. However, sometimes these USB Drives misbehaves when users attempt to perform any operation on them. This misbehavior interrupts users work-flow and takes the stored data into the inaccessible state. After that, users become unable to read or access the data stored within their USB Key and begin the search for various queries like how to recover permanently deleted data from USB Flash Drive?

In this article, we are going to introduce users with an imminent solution to recover lost data from pen drive along with the responsible reasons that occur data loss.

What Makes Files Disappeared from a USB Stick?

There might be several reasons that can make a pen drive inaccessible. Some of the most common reasons are mentioned below:

  • Improper unplugging or ejecting a USB Drive can cause data loss
  • Bad sectors or accidental deletion of data can make files disappeared
  • Files get deleted by virus or malware secretly even without noticing users
  • Random or unintentional formatting a USB Drive might delete stored files
  • Inconsistent voltage supply or power outages while accessing a USB device
  • Humidity and high temperature can make a USB Drive physically damaged
  • Repartitioning USB Drive or deleting all partitions can lead users to data loss
  • Fragmented partition structure can delete stored data files within USB Drive

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Data from USB Flash Drive?

USB Flash Drive Recovery Tool is the quickest and best way to recover normal as well as permanently deleted data from USB Flash Drive. It allows to recover lost data from FAT, exFAT, and NTFS formatted USB Drives even without resulting any kind of data loss. The software is programmed with advanced algorithms so that it allows to recover images, documents, videos, and all other multimedia items from USB Key. It can be used to retrieve data from all brands USB Drives of any size. Furthermore, the tool is compatible with all the available versions of Windows OS. Below are the steps to recover deleted, formatted or lost files from a USB Flash Drive:

  • Launch SysTools USB Flash Drive Recovery Software to recover lost data from pen drive and it will display all the attached external drives
    pen drive recovery tool
  • Now, plug USB Drive to the computer from which you want to recover permanently deleted data from USB flash drive data and click Refresh View
  • After this, the tool will display the newly attached USB Key. Select it and check all its basic attributes like Device ID, Media Type, Storage etc., in the right pane of software
  • You will get two different options to scan your drive:
    Scan: For corrupted and deleted data items recovery
    Formatted Scan: To perform recovery of formatted data
  • Choose the appropriate scanning option and the software will display the current progress report of scanning
  • Once USB Drive scanning process gets completed successfully, the tool will list all the recovered files and folders in its preview pane. It will bold the folders that contain data and highlight permanently deleted items in red color
  • Now, you can perform the recovery of data in two ways i.e., either save only selected data or save entire recovered data
  • To Save Selected Data: In order to save some selected files only, check the files and hit a right-click on the selected file. Click Save
  • To Save Entire Data: If you want to export all the recovered data, select the root folder and click on Save
  • Browse a destination path to save the output data. Also, you can create a new folder directly from the software pane. Click OK
  • Data export process will begin after that and let it completed successfully
  • Once the export process gets finished, navigate to the location that you have selected to save the resultant data and access all the recovered files/ folders without any hassle.

Concluding Lines

Removable data storage devices such as USB Drives, SD Cards etc., plays an important role in this digital arena as they allow users to store various data items. But, there come times when unexpected data loss occurs in USB Drives due to various reasons. Hence, this tutorial demonstrates how to recover permanently deleted data from USB Flash Drive so that, users can get their lost data back in a simpler way. Read more about How To Unlock Access Database Password – Know The Ultimate Solution.

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