How to Boost Your Website’s Domain Authority?

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Bloggers usually ask themselves on how to increase their domain authority. This is because higher domain authority ensures higher rankings in the search results. Moz has created a metric known as Domain Authority, which helps to predict the rank of a domain on Google. The solution for increasing domain authority is by creating content that other sites can link to and it takes more than a month to get the desired results.

Developers can easily tap into these other sources of traffic that are independent of Google. By using those alternative traffic streams, developers can easily take necessary steps for increasing their domain authority.

Domain Authority

Introduction of Domain Authority:

It is a metric on a scale of 0 to 100 which is created by Moz. The metric predicts the website’s performance in search engine rankings. Few important facts about domain authority:

  1. Domain Authority is ranked on the basis of the following factors:
  2. The number of links pointed to the particular website about which the rank is going to be predicted.
  3. The Domain Authority of those sites which are linked to that particular website.
  4. Website’s age – Check your website Age here.
  5. Domain Authority is not the term which Google uses, rather the Google algorithm determines the rank of a web page by taking these particular factors into account.
  6. Domain Authority follows the logarithmic scale, hence each increment represents an expansion by a factor of 10 rather than by equal increments.
  7. This is the exact reason, why it is easier for an increment from a Domain Authority of 10 to a Domain Authority of 30 rather than an increment of 70 to a Domain Authority of 80.

It is mandatory for a developer to create an account on Moz. After the completion of the Moz account, an extension will be displayed on the browser which will show the Domain Authority of the site the blogger is currently visiting.

Methodologies employed for increasing Domain Authority:

  • Publish those Content which people can relate to

Be it movies, songs or games, content has always played an important role in attracting customers. Similarly, followers or viewers will visit a website more if that website has good quality of content which are worth attracting viewers. Read more about : How to Write Better & Engaging Contents Using Grammarly?

  • Monitoring on-page Search Engine Optimization

The optimization of on – page search engine optimization for each of the blog posts will increase every blogger’s domain authority.

  • Improvement of internal linking

Linking blog post with other blog post of a particular blogger’s website will improve user experience and increase the time that visitors spend on their website. This is a contributing factor which is measured by Google’s algorithm, so internal linking has always proven to be an essential factor in increasing domain authority.

  • By guest posting

Guest posting always increases the traffic of a website and also increases the sites linked with that website. So guest posting plays an important role in increasing domain authority. If your website is related to health than you must go with the top health guest post to get the maximum benefit from the post.

  • Analysis of social signals

The metric created by Moz monitors the number of times the blog post is shared on social media. These signals are the fragments of the algorithm that determines how high a page will rank in search results. The number of times a blog post is shared on social media, that quantity is directly proportional to the increase in Domain Authority.

  • Buying an old Domain

As mentioned earlier an age of a domain plays an important role in domain authority. The strategy involved for increasing the domain authority is by purchasing an Aged Domain in the After Market and then use it as a blogging platform. This particular method can save huge amounts of time for a blogger. Usually it takes 6 months to 12 months to increase domain authority of a brand new domain.

So it is preferable to buy an old domain which already has a good domain authority. An alternative strategy is to direct an aged domain to a brand new domain. The new domain then benefits itself by acquiring some of the Domain Authority of the old Domain.

  • Blogging regularly and frequently

Google’s algorithm always favors recent contents. By blogging frequently, the algorithm will grant the blogger with high rankings and this will improve the Domain Authority.

  • Reduction of website’s loading time

The algorithm’s topmost priority is ensuring improvement of user’s experience. If a website takes longer period of time to load, then visitors usually exit from that website and this trend is always monitored by the algorithm. So, if a particular website takes longer time to load then domain authority of that website will automatically reduce. Use this tool to check your website web page speed performance.

  • Creating mobile friendly websites

If a website is not optimized for a mobile, then that particular website will lose a large chunk of potential traffic. Moreover, the algorithm will notice that the website is not mobile friendly and hence will penalize the website in mobile search engine rankings. see if your website is Mobile Friendly Test or not

  • Elimination of toxic Back Links

The backlinks which damage a website’s link profile is called Toxic links. There are many tools or applications invented for checking links which are harming the link profile. The following factors which create toxic links are:

  1. Web pages which are not indexed in Google.
  2. Those pages which have low Majestic Trust Flow.
  3. Pages which have a high number of external links.
  4. Those which use unnatural anchor text.
  5. Those which have spammy looking domain names, containing numbers and dots.
  • Improvement of internal linking structure

An SEO Agency in mumbai can give you a well-planned internal linking structure to help the visitors find their way around the website. If a blogger adds links at the foot of each article, then visitors will spend their valuable time on the site and this will increase the Domain Authority and will improve the SEO of that website.

To sum it up:

Higher Domain Authority of a website increases their traffic thus increasing their revenue. This rank helps the website to secure the position in first page of search results. This can only be achieved by following and maintaining the tips mentioned here.


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