How to Choose the Best 2 Slice Toaster?

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2 slice toasters are the most common and available in many homes. They are preferred for their compact nature and convenience on small counter space. The controls are found at the end of the toaster. It is convenient if you want a few pieces at a time. If you have less counter space, a 2 slice toaster takes less space than the four-slice one. With their small size nature, they are generally light. They are also easy to clean. However, the 2 slice toaster does not have as many functions as the 4 slice toaster.

Buying a Toaster

Always check out the following before you buy a 2 slice toaster;


The price ranges for toasters differ according to functionality and quality. Different brands of toasters are available in the market for you to choose from. The features of the toaster and its material greatly influences the price. However, you can also find cheaper ones that make nice toasts. There are 2 slice toasters under $20 available in the market.


The main point to consider before buying your 2 slice toaster is its use. If you have simple needs and expect to get a standard-sized toast, the 2 slice toaster will work well. If you are picky with different expectations, you will have to consider a different type. There are different toasters you can use to toast varieties. There is 2 slice toaster for bagels if you intend to toast bagels. You can also get toasters for English muffins, waffles and, pastries.


Every toaster has a basic setting for it to function well. Some of the basic settings to consider when choosing a 2 slice toaster include light, medium, and dark. There are other extra features which you can do without. They include the bagel option that makes your toast brown more on one side.

There is also the defrost button if you freeze your toast or waffles. If you can afford a toaster with a rotisserie setting, you will make chicken and turkey too. At the end of it all, choose a toaster that has settings convenient for you.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

Cleaning a 2 slice toaster is not straightforward and maybe a bit hectic. If you find a toaster with a nonstick interior, it is easy to clean than one without. It is also easy to clean the toaster if you have a crumb tray.


Whenever you are looking for which 2 slice toaster to buy, check out other buyer’s reviews.  A good toaster should be able to serve you for a long time. If you read reviews, you will know which 2 slice toaster lasts a long time. Other brands have warranties that give you some form of relief. You may judge the value of the toaster by its price. However, it is best to value your judgment on other user’s reviews.

Features to Look For when choosing a 2 slice toaster:

Apart from the factors mentioned above, you should also have the following features in mind;

· Self-adjusting guides assist you in having a toast placed well at the center and toast evenly.

· The Cancel Button helps you to stop the toaster when you want automatically.

· The Crumb Tray is important to assist you in collecting crumbs from the toaster. This makes cleaning manageable.

· Convection Heating option enables the toaster to cook things faster and evenly.

· The Rotisserie setting is an advantage since you can cook poultry as desired.

· Extra lift is a feature that is important if you like toasting small things. This reduces the risk of burning your fingers.

· Bagel setting gives your toast a unique result of a doughy edge and a toasted center.

· Lift and look feature is a convenient one for you to keep checking your toast’s progress without canceling the process.

· Countdown timer is convenient for you to have the exact timing for your toast to be ready. You can prepare something else as you wait for the time to elapse.

Types of 2 slice toaster

Different people have different tastes and preferences. When buying one, you choose what you like. There are different types of 2 slice toasters available in the market. Some of them include;

Cookworks 2 slice toaster.

 This is a 2 slice toaster in red, with several levels of toasting with an option to defrost, reheat, and even cancel. It is well designed with a mixture of stainless steel and red that makes it attractive in the kitchen. It also has a crumb tray that makes cleaning easy. There is also a 2 slice toaster with a warming rack. Cookworks has the following features;

·  It operates on 850 watts.

·  It is a 2 slice toaster for large slices.

·  It has a crumb tray.

·  The two toasting slots are wide.

·  It has a manufacturer warranty of up to one year.

Equip Brushed 2 Slice Toaster Stainless Steel.

This is one of the most stylish 2 slice toasters in the market. It has a modern design that can easily fit in any kitchen. It also has several features that make it convenient for use. It has the reheat option and a crumb tray that makes cleaning easy.

2 slice vs. 4 slice toaster

As mentioned before, the 2 slice toaster is suitable for small households that don’t need many toasts at a go. It is also convenient for small kitchen spaces with small counters with limited counter space. Most of the two slice toasters have controls at the end of the toaster. On the other hand, the 4 slice toaster is suitable for large households that make many toasts at a go. They are large and occupy much counter space. Its controls are placed at the front.

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