How to Recover Deleted files from Mac: A DIY Methods

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You are happily sailing your data boat with the Mac Operating System. Saving all your desired requirements on files in the form of texts, pictures, etc. Bumpy ride ahead as you accidentally lost your boat of data. Now, searching out the road to know how to recover deleted files from mac, then you have found us. Don’t worry! we have got you covered with some instant solutions. If you still got doubts then read on. In this blog, you will get to know about the reasons as well as manual solutions to perform this process.

Mac popularly launched as Systems Software in 1984. It is one of the pioneers as GUI- Graphical User Interface and is somewhat similar to Windows and Linux. As you know Mac OS is specially designed to operate on Apple manufactured PCs. That makes Mac publicly used for its easy, clean, refined user interface. But, you may sometimes by mistake delete your file or folders. In order to recover the deleted file mac, you can use the following methods.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Mac?

We will share here many methods to manually recover all unsaved word files or deleted files on mac. Also, you can use them to recover accidentally replaced files and for recovery of mac secondary files.

How to recover deleted files from Mac with Manual Tricks?

You can always opt for fast Mac Data Recovery, butfirst, let us start with the ways to save your deleted files on Macwith the manual methods. So here are the manual procedures that will help the user in recovering the deleted files. So let’s discuss these manual approaches one by one.

No.1:  Take a Regular Backup with Mac

MacOS’s Time Machine is a great help to take regular backup of your files. The Mac Time Machine utility performs the data backup on a connected backup drive. This simply means, to build file backs up without having a replica. If there is no space left in the backup drive then, it will return the oldest data which is based on First-In-First-Out logic (FIFO). That will help the users to get space for new files. One can follow these steps to take backup. These are –

1.   First, search for the “Time Machine” in the “Spotlight” icon on the top right of Mac.

2.   Once you found the Time Machine in the search result and opened it with a click. Target the folder where your target files used to be with a click.

3.   Click the cursor to the right of the Time Machine window, slide through backup files until you view the deleted files will appear.

4.   Now, bear the Command button to select the target files and “Restore” to save the deleted items on Mac.

You need to Mac recover deleted files by repeating the up-mentioned process, to target the file(s) in different folders.

No. 2: Regain Deleted Files on Mac with Undo Options

Sometimes users accidentally delete their important or crucial files that they might use later. This can be a panic or concern situation for anyone. So, if the user wants to regain its deleted files then, they can use this method. This method is helpful if you have deleted your file recently. In other words, immediately after deleting an important file or folder. Users can use this option if they have not emptied the Trash Bin. Users can follow these instructions to regain the deleted files.

1.   Go for Edit that is next to File.

2.   Edit the Undo Move of “filename” with a click.     

It restores your file if you didn’t permanently clear the file from the memory.

No. 3: Use the Terminal Command

Users can use the Terminal Command to perform the process by using these steps.

Step 1. In order to open the, go to “Applications” > “Utilities”

Step 2. Stamp Unix command: “cd .Trash”, and then press the “Return” key on your Mac.

Step 3. Next is Record “mv name ../” in the window and proceed for the “Return” key.

Note- You have to replace the “name” with the full name of the file you deleted.

Step 4. Print “Quit” in the Terminal application.

Important– Once these steps to recover deleted files Mac are completed, you can enter the deleted file name in the search bar to check it. If still, you haven’t found luck then don’t worry as Mac Data Recovery is there for you.

These were the manual procedures that help the users in reinstalling their deleted files. Users can opt for one of the following procedures to recover their deleted files. Many users prefer to use the manual approaches as they are inbuilt applications and are available for free to use. But it also has some restrictions or limitations that one should keep in their mind while performing these procedures. These limitations are –

1.     One requires technical skills to perform the manual procedure. Hence, it can be difficult for the beginner or novice user to opt the manual procedures. In case, the users are willing to perform the manual procedure then they should do it under expert guidance.

2.    The manual procedures are a lengthy process and require a lot of time.

3.    The manual procedure should be done properly in case not then there is a possibility of data loss.

In case, they want a quick solution then they can opt for the alternative solution.

No. 4: Mac Data Recovery help

If you are still stuck with how to recover deleted files from mac? Then,Mac Data Recovery software is a blessing for all Mac users who have lost their invaluable data due to corruption in their HFS & HFS+ drives. This Mac deleted file recovery software smoothly runs under all major versions of Windows-based operating systems, including the latest Win 10.


This blog contains information to recover the deleted files on Mac. You can work your way around with the free methods to recover deleted files on Mac. The Best idea to prevent your data from being lost is to backup your Mac. If by chance you didn’t make a backup, then use the Mac Data Recovery tool.

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