How to Create a Modern Garden Around Your Offices

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Your office space – and the area around it – is part of the reason you’re attracting top talent to work at your business. We all know that uninspiring workplaces fail to inspire staff to work hard and productively, whereas well-designed office spaces can boost productivity. And now, since employees have been used to working from home, they’re demanding far better working conditions in their office spaces. In this piece, we’ll look at how you can curate the ideal garden space outside or around your offices, granting staff a tranquil spot to relax during working hours.

Gray to Green

What you’re striking out to do is to convert the gray of machinery, concrete, asphalt and other building materials into a greener space – somewhere your staff will feel at ease, and able to relax after a hard shift at work. In this sense, whatever you can do to uproot concrete and replace it with soil in which you can plant shrubs is an essential strategy.

Meanwhile, modern gardens are innovating with space. For instance, you can create an artificial living wall on the side of your office, or around your office space, by building a wall upon which is planted grass or other plants. This kind of vertical garden can be perfect for adding that bit more green to the area around your office.


If you have bigger plans and a bigger budget for your office space garden, then it might be time to bring in the landscapers. Their principal job will be to tear up the concrete around your office in a safe manner to prepare to replace it with soil, rocks, and plants. Even if they’re planning on clearing a large space, this process rarely takes longer than a week or two.

Now that landscapers have granted you the space to plant shrubs and flowers, it’s time to release your budget in a plant nursery or store – buying in the plants that you think will fit well with the area around your offices. This is a moment to involve your staff – especially those who enjoy gardening as a pastime.


Finally, if you’re creating a larger-scale garden around your offices – one in which many employees or members of the public will be able to relax, eat lunch, or read a book – then you’ll need to work out a watering system for your new gardens. Modern gardens are often equipped with automatic hoses, which you can purchase and lay around in the soil. These hoses are released on a timer.

Meanwhile, you may also be interested in adding a water feature. The feature itself is relatively easy to design and to have built – but the plumbing for the water can be more challenging to organize. You may need to hire more professionals to get you access to the mains water supply in your building if you’re planning on installing a water feature – so consider this when building the office gardens you’ve been dreaming of. Adding green spaces to offices is a sure-fire way to make them more attractive to staff, boosting productivity and wellbeing. As such, the three tips above help you understand what you’ll need to do to create that modern garden of your dreams.