Maintaining a Classic Car: Your Guide for 2020

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Classic cars are a joy to drive. They may not be your regular commuter car, and you may only be able to get behind the wheel of your classic motor once a month, but they’re a special part of your life. The retro bodywork, the old sound and smell of the engine, and the way the car handles on the roads are all well worth the maintenance you put in to keep it running. In this short piece, you’ll learn how to maintain your classic car throughout the years, so that it’s always there for you to take out for a spin in the years to come.

Join Societies

One of the ways in which classic car owners keep their cars on the roads is to join societies of like-minded motorists. These clubs – spread, often, across the states – are great places in which you can share information, ask for spares or repairs, and connect with motoring enthusiasts who you may one day count as friends. Use these forums primarily as advice bureaus, posting questions to more experienced motorheads, which will help to inform you about how to maintain your vehicle.

The Engine

While you’ll know how to buff up the exterior of your car, and you’ll have plans to polish up the interior, too, it’s the engine that you need to be concerned about with a classic car. Like any mechanical object, an engine can suffer serious wear and tear over the years – to the point of serious faults that can take weeks or months to fully repair. As such, your focus should always be on your engine. It’s recommended that you run your engine regularly to keep it well oiled – and that you take your car in to be looked at when you receive the slightest sign that all isn’t well with your motor.

Safe Storage

One of the other ills to befall a classic car is theft. Keeping an expensive car in your garage or, worse, on the street outside your home, exposes it to the elements and to thieves who know that they’ll be able to sell your car if they steal it. You need to ensure that, when it’s not regularly driven, your car can be stored somewhere safe and secure. Protect your car with classic auto storage San Diego, providing you with a peace of mind that your car is well-protected when you’re not driving it.

Shopping and Trading

Finally, as mentioned above, there is a community that buys and sells older vehicles that have achieved the status of a classic. They’re not all in clubs though: some are formed around local garages, some are isolated individuals who trade in parts and spares, and some are even based in different countries. To help you truly maintain your classic car, being able to shop and tradewith this broader community will give you access to parts and expertise from all over the world, helping you to secure the equipment you need to maintain your vehicle into the future.

This guide offers the fundamentals to help you continue to maintain your classic car over the years to come.