Use the internet to get the best possible price on your next car

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The Internet has changed every aspect of our lives – from the way we communicate to the way weshop. Consumers are now empowered with a wealth of online information,making buying products easier than ever before. This applies to all kinds of goods – low-price to high-price, essentials to luxury items – everything from kitchen utensils to cars.

Here are just five ways the internet can empower you when buying your next new car.

Finding car specs online

There was a time, not so very long ago, the only place you could get information on cars was direct from the dealership or manufacturer. These days there is a virtual library of information online, ranging from reviews to test videos and in-car footage.

Brochures and manuals are widely available for download,and some car sites even feature 3d-models of vehicles. Everything you could need to know is already online – you just need to find it.

For example, the website of Rancho Mirage, a Ferrari dealer in southern California, is so comprehensive it could be argued it almost makes the process of visiting the showroom redundant. The site features engine stats, dimensions, and weight, performance, and fuel consumption, as well as test results and videos to help consumers in the purchasing process.

Arranging finance

It used to be the case that sorting finance to buy a car was a long and complicated affair, usually involving a trip to the bank to negotiate with your manager in person. In themodern connected world,finance and loan decisions can be made in seconds online. Indeed, it’s even possible to buy cars direct off websites these days with the entire process automated – from purchasing to financing and final delivery.

Booking a test drive

While a lot of the car-buying process can be done over the web, there’s still no substitute for getting behind the wheel of a car and taking it out on the road. Where previously this would have involved visiting the showroom in the hope the car was available that day, it’s now possible to book test drives online – in many cases, the sales staff will even come to you and pick you up.

Comparing prices and doing research

From a consumer point of view, a little backgroundresearch is invaluable. By visiting a few different websites,you’ll soon be able to ascertain the price rangeof the car you’re looking to buy. Being armed with this information makes it much easier to negotiate a better final price from your dealer of choice.

Moving that idea further, there are nowmultiple car comparison apps thatcan tell you how much a car (new or used) should cost. While this is a massive headache for the dealerships, it’s fantastic news from a consumer point of view and puts you in a very strong position when it comes to bartering.

Negotiating online

Previously, consumers had to negotiate face-to-face with car salespeople – very often, not the easiest of tasks and, at times, quite intimidating. These days it’s possible to negotiate over email, to push for the best possible price.

Email makes it far easier to put your case and not be backed into a corner by a pushy dealer. Most showroom staff are aware of this and may try to play the same game back to a degree – but hold your ground until you reach the best, most mutually-beneficial price. Dealerships have to price-match these days – otherwise, they lose the sale.

Ifyou’ve done thorough research, learned about your product inside out, and come armed with competitor prices, buying a new car at the best possible price is comparatively simple these days. The internet has thoroughly shifted the landscape and put car-buyers in a stronger position than ever.