The 8 Most Popular Aftermarket Wheel Brands

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Turn Heads with Some of the Best Custom Wheels on the Market

A tricked out car without custom wheels and tires isn’t really tricked out. Yeah, we said it. If you’re still rolling around on factory rims, you’re making a big style mistake and losing lots of cred in the process.

Throw away those economy wheels and invest in a set that will have you saying “WOW!” every time you walk up to your car to climb into the driver’s seat.

1. GFG Exotic Sports Car Rims

If you drive a Bugatti, Ferrari, or Lambo, check out the rims from GFG. For the last 20 years, this manufacturer’s forged wheels have reigned supreme in the exotic sports car world.

GFG rims are more than just pretty; they’re designed to help your car reach optimal performance. At about $15,000 for a set of four, we think it’s a small price to pay for such a sweet ride.

2.Nutek American-Made Rims

Nutek rims are made in the United States, and every set is completely unique. Pick Nutek if you want to be the only one in the world with your exact rims. How does it work? Nutek has a massive menu of custom finishes and colors.

Pay around $25,000 to get them and let Nutek know exactly what you want, and they’ll make the magic happen. Nutek rims make a statement!

3. Savini Italian-Made Custom Wheels

Viva Italia! Savani’s rims for aggressive Italian sports cars – also made in Italy – are super lightweight because they’re made of aerospace-grade aluminum and fully customizable to your specifications.

They’re a little cheaper than Nutek custom rims, clocking in around $16,000. (Save the other $9 grand for a rainy day?)

4. Only the Best from Lexani

Custom forged rims are in such a demand that multiple manufacturers specialize in them. Lexani is no different, except they set their sights on luxury vehicles, from an Escalade to a MacLaren. In the grand scheme of things, Lexani rims aren’t that pricey.

Lexani rims start at just $1,000 per rim (but go up – WAY up – from there). The understated, but flashy Lexani rims are some of our favorites. They’re subtle, but still noticeable as you cruise down the block.

5. Japan-Made Enkei Rims

There’s a reason Enkei has been the official supplier to the MacLaren Formula 1 team since 1995. These high-performance, lightweight aftermarket wheels available worldwide are appropriate for nearly any vehicle; you may even see a set on some off-road SUVs or Subaru.

You can find Enkeionline for about $150 per rim, but their higher-performance rims cost several hundred each.

6.Legacy Wheels from Kӧnig

An American brand around for more than 40 years, your dad probably remembers lusting after Kӧnig wheels. But don’t get it twisted; these aren’t your dad’s wheels anymore.

Kӧnig’s car enthusiasts are responsible for every design and idea: their flow-formed wheels are made of stretched and compressed aluminum for a lighter, stronger, and more shock-resistant wheel. Their Bravado Performance line for modern American muscle cars boast a classic design with plenty of swagger to harken back to the days of Steve McQueen and James Dean.

7.Luxury Rims from Vossen

Gearheads have been conditioned to correlate Vossen rims with luxury. So, if you drive a luxury car, it makes sense that you put a set of Vossen rims on them. Choose from forged or forged hybrid rims, then choose your metallic color (silver, gold, rose gold, chrome) and finished (brushed, polished) to fit your style. Your rims won’t match anyone else’s.

Some Vossen rims can leave your bank account feeling a little dry, since their official pricing starts at tens of thousands of dollars. But discount sites that sell wheel and tire packages might have a set you can snag for a couple grand if you’re very, very lucky.

8 Absolutely Ridiculous Iced-Out Rims from Asanti

We saved the most expensive rims for last. If you have a spare million laying around, you might want gemstone-encrusted rims by Asanti. If you do, we’re willing to bet literally no one else you know will have them.

Asanti’s most expensive 22-inch rims are set with 12,000 diamonds and 800 sapphires, for a total of 1,100 carats. This set isn’t even the only gemstone-encrusted one that Asanti sells! A quick visit to their website shows multiple options for the most blinged-out rims you’ve ever seen in your life.

Asanti also sells “regular” rims, if you want to call them that, even though there’s very little “regular” about them. These rims are especially high-quality, so you can’t really go wrong with buying their products. Some of the Asanti line-up is much more affordable than the diamond-covered ones. Custom finishes on these forged rims create a personalized look, but they’re also instantly recognizable as Asanti.

Pick Out Your Favorite Custom Rims Today

Aside from these six of the best rim brands there are, you’ll find thousands of other options to choose from when you decide it’s time to install custom wheels on your ride. Just make sure whatever you buy is sized to fit your vehicle, whatever it is.

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