New Truck Drivers: Tips for you

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Truck driving is not a child’s play. It requires extremely good skills, proper qualifications, patience, special license, good observation power, etc. Still, truck drivers cause accidents. Sometimes, the drivers have no fault for the mishap, yet they have to suffer.

Certain tips are provided to the truck drivers:

  • Make a good relationship with the dispatcher. The dispatchers can be considered as the lifelines to the loads. The paychecks can get influenced by the dispatchers. The drivers have to know them and understand what they like. Pay compliments to the dispatcher.
  • Try to recognise the safety department. It is working hard for the vehicle drivers’ best interest. It is quite unfortunate that the safety department is sometimes accepted as a scary police officer. The safety department wants the drivers’ welfare. They have no profit no loss.
  • It’s good if you prepare your own food according to the permission of your health. If you are planning to prepare your food fresh amidst the journey, make sure not to make any mess. Try to avoid junk food. Never consume alcohol or any addictive materials that can cause harm. Don’t make the environment dirty by throwing the leftovers and the eating plates here and there.
  • It’s better not to refuse a load. Otherwise, it will generate a negative image of you as well as your professional ethics. When you refrain from refusing a load, you indicate the agency that you are important and completely dedicated. The company will think that you are there to help whenever the company needs you. But, the problem is you never know the kind of load you have to carry and how far you have to move.
  • You have to explore various companies. Each company has various divisions. Specific companies require distinct skills. It allows you to change the divisions and achieve more experience. You don’t have to change your job. You can stay in your present company, continue the seniority and avail the experience that is needed for future moves.
  • You have to make proper diet plans. Keep your food light and healthy. If you fall sick in the middle of the journey, it can influence your driving. Do some exercises at least for half an hour. Truck driving is very hectic and the driver has to be in a single position on the driver seat for several hours at a stretch. It can cause some serious illness in the body.
  • Take breaks after a few hours. If you don’t take rest, eat and drink water between your shifts, you can fall sick. Take proper rest. Take little naps to freshen up.
  • Work very hard. It pays off. Hard work will bring you sure success. Be patient. Don’t hurry. If you strive for more, you will be able to get more. Your efforts will obviously get noticed. The terminal manager, dispatcher, fleet manager, etc. prefer truck drivers who are completely devoted to their works. They promote the drivers, increase their pay too.
  • A truck driver must always get out and see the surroundings before backing up. Sudden moves can cause deadly crashes.
  • OTR or Over The Road is the main component needed to step up the career ladder as a truck driver. The good companies hire drivers soon after the completion of the professional training. It will help the drivers to gain the OTR experience. The more you drive, the more you earn. But, it is obviously not at the cost of your and other’s life.
  • Try to be on time. It’s okay to be late if the weather and road conditions are too bad. But, unnecessary late can put a negative mark on the career. Again, being lazy or influenced by any sedatives in the middle of the journey urges you to halt. Then, to cover the deadline, you raise the speed beyond the instructed limit. This kind of action leads to a deadly 18 wheeler accident.

It’s better to be cautious on the road than to be sorry for rash driving. Never do any activity that can affect your health. Greed to more money can result in destruction. If you want to continue and upgrade your career as a truck driver and be in a position where you can be hired by the top trucking companies with a luxurious pay package, follow the rules and regulations and be a responsible person on and off-road.

Greg Baumgartner

Greg Baumgartner handles truck accident lawsuits for victims of truck accidents in Texas. He is an expert Texas Truck Accident Lawyer with an exemplary track record.

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