How To Create Great Video Content For Promotion Of Your New Startup

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Congratulations on your new start-up! It is an excellent step for you to start your own business. It can be anything: health and fitness, restaurant, fashion boutique, salon, or even a trading business. The one thing that is common in all start-ups is PROMOTION. Without a good marketing strategy, your start-up does not catch the attention of the customers.

From the time we wake up from sleep until we go to bed, digital devices are essential in our lives. Hence, marketing through videos is a wise decision. People do not have time to read blogs and articles. Sharing content as a promotional tool is engaging.Apart from the traditional marketing concept, video marketingis the main focus in today’s time.

 Also, remember that the video should not be hardcore promotional and talking only about the product’s goodness. It looks like you are spamming the consumers. The video should educate, inspire and engage the customers. As a start-up, there is always a chance to break or survive the competitive market. On that note, this article will provide you with an idea about the proper steps to create the best and unique content for video marketing. Have a look!

Step 1: Know Your Goal

Before writing a video script, ask yourself why you want to create a video to promote your start-up? The reason can be driving sales, traffic, building brand awareness, increasing customer engagement, and even educating the customers. You may have many ideas to share, but it is always wise to go slow. Make short videos with engaging content so that the audience gets a clear message and the video script remains simple.

Step 2: Choose the Video Direction

For a start-up, it is essential to choose a proper video direction. There are many directions like introduction, explanation, product-focused, new launch, testimonial, and many more. So, for a start-up, the video promotion direction must be an introduction or product line. It helps you finalize your video direction, shoot the video in that particular path, and then move to the next step.

Step 3: Set the Video Tone

Video tone is what you want for your audience. Is it a comedy video? Is it a general video? Is it a dance video? You have to set the right tone that goes with your start-up. Selecting the right style gives life to the video.

Step 4: Set the Duration of the Video

Both long and short video is popular these days. You must set the time of the video to share your message in a long-form video or 60-second video. After you decide the time, it is time to choose the video format in the next step.

Step 5: Select the Video Format

Horizontal and vertical videos are the formats of the video. Also, decide whether you want animated or real people in the video. Whatever you decide becomes your USP of the start-up. The video style matters the most to make it look attractive to the audience to get a clear message of your start-up promotion. You can conduct research that what format audience live to watch the most, a survey or a poll kind of thing. It helps you clear your doubt.

Step 6: Finalize the Idea

Now it is time to frame the idea of the video. Set the character, shoot the video, decide what props you will use to communicate the content. Make sure you prepare a rough script to plan the overall idea excellently.

If you are showing any product, then frame the script idea or video angle about the product. You should discuss and decide the shot angle with the videographer. If you are shooting without any help, then research the shots and then outline the best idea.

Step 7: Script Writing

With the final idea, it is time for you to write the script. Depending on the length of the video, you must write down the script. Choose the dialogues or lines that are simple and easy to understand. Through your words, the audience must relate with you.

Write the number of scenes with a timestamp. Also, write the voice-over text and sync it with the audio that you will use. If the video has only texts and no voice, then you must use catchy and short words. It helps the audience to catch the comments with good graphics.

Step 8: Choose the Background

The background of the video matters the most. Do you want to show the start-up in your experience? Then focus the camera angles accordingly. You can even use a green screen as your background. Later you can use any image or video while editing. Keep the background simple and soothing. Please do not make it too flashy that the audience focus shift from the actual characters to the background.

Step 9: Shoot the Video

Now, it is time to shoot the video. If you are doing an explainer video, adjust the script’s text with the video to look flawless. If you are shooting with an actual human, there will be many takes before getting the final shot.

Step 10: Editing and Uploading the Video

After the shoot, you have all the raw footage. It is time for editing. The editing is the primary step before you upload the video. Though you do not need any degree for editing, a little practice will make you a pro. So, after the editing, recheck the final video. Add music, transition, and effects as per your choice. Once the editing is complete, you must upload the video to various social media and start promotion.

 The Bottom Line

These are the basic steps to create Video Content for your start-up. Follow these steps every time you want to upload a video to display your start-up growth. Also, after uploading the video and promoting it, engage with the audience. Then reply to the comments and ask them in the comment section about their needs. One-to-one interaction helps your start-up promote and catch the viewers’ attention. Positively take constructive criticism to improve your business and products.

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