How to Have a Fantastic leather belt with Minimal Spending

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Pretty much every outfit is incomplete without a Belt to go with it. A fantastic leather belt is a must-have accessory with every outfit, professional or Casual. Frankly put Belts these days do not get the credit they deserve. Simply ordinary Belts have become a necessity nowadays. Actually, they are the most underrated item in fashion!
But Belts are also a style statement in their own right. They not only hold the pants up but also as the Finishing touch to a chic look. Sincerely belts are the one accessory that can make an outfit feel finished and perfect.
But due to the social stigma on Men’s Fashion leather belts are treated more like a utility than a fashion piece, and as such, ends up being a product that’s picked up as an afterthought, rather than one that’s sought out.
This is wrong. If you wish to stand out or shine anywhere, be it Professional situation or a social gathering it’s the Belt you should start with.

A high-quality leather belt will add an essential soupçon to complete a guise something which is not possible without one. Now purchasing leather belts is not as easy as it sounds. Some fantastic leather belts are out there true. But so are some mediocre ones. With the modern age of bootlegging and replication, it is imperative to have a good knowledge of Belts, leathers before going in to purchase some fantastic leather belts you can be proud of.

In the following guide, we’ll saunter through some basic techniques and Tips on how to choose the right belt for your specific situation.
Looking for fantastic leather belts for men is a serious task. It needs close scrutinization of a number of Factors making up to the said fantastic leather belts like:
Material: Leather. Even though Belts come in all material textiles nothing can beat the flair of leather belts. Even Leather belts have a Wide array choice when it comes to deciding Like

  • Full-grain leather – The toughest, broad, and stiff than leather belts are usually made from this top quality leather. These leather belts are most customizable owing to their Toughness.
  • Braided leather. Mostly used with a frame-style buckle to make very adjustable belts. Braided belts the best choice for simple and unobtrusive looks. They make fantastic leather belts for men and are also easy to find, and often the cheapest.
  • Tooled leather. Decorated by “tooling,” a stamping process that leaves patterns on the leather, these leather belts often stand out. Most are designed for interchangeable buckles. Tooled belts work well with simple outfits
  • Suede. Often the most casual of all leather belts, suede leather belts are the least durable than full-grain leather, but usually, have a full-grain leather backing for extra strength. They are mostly used as party wear and add the extra panache to an outfit.

Utility – leather belts essentially are of two types and each has its own purpose but must be carefully selected

  • Dress Belts :
    • Colour – The biggest rule of thumb that one must always keep in mind is the Colour of the Belt should match the shoes. Also, the material must be the same. Mostly Black, Brown or Burn are preferred as Formalwear.
    • WidthAlso a dress Belt should be between 1 1/4″ and 1 3/8″ in width and about a 1/8″ in thickness. Wearing a wide belt in a professional Setting is not proper.
  • Casual Belts :
    • Colour – Casual belts are hugely flexibility in case of colour and only depend on the situation. So wearing any colored Belt be it Red White or Blue can be excused in any situation.
    • Width – A Casual belt ranges from 1 1/4″ to 1 ¾ in width with a thickness ranging from 1/8″ to 3/4″.

Where to go?

Having dealt with the ‘what’ now let’s come to the ‘where’. Fantastic leather belts are easy to come by but can you say the same to the best quality fantastic leather belts for men. We at LeatherClue have been striving to bring to you the best quality of fantastic leather belts for men. LeatherClue leather belts are made out of the best and most radically chosen leather. Our online Portal has a wide and avid range of Modern and Stylish and fantastic leather belts for men.
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