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Tivoli hotels and resorts have been marveling in the travel field for over 85 long years now! Either it’s your comfort or your spontaneous urge to adventure, Tivoli hotels and resorts have covered it all. Get married to the love of your life, take your ailing mother for a fresh change of scenery, or just go alone and take advantage of their spa to help soothe your tiring self. They have amazing offers which enable you to enjoy without being worried about being called a spend-thrift as it is also pocket-friendly.  The services they provide are enticing enough to lure your vacay mood. So what are you waiting for? Use Tivoli hotels and resorts discount codes to avail amazing deals and satiate your adventurous self! One more exciting aspect is their hotels in exciting countries such as Portugal, Brazil, and Qatar. Let’s get into these exciting cities and have the best time of our lives!


Portugal is a famous travelling destination, renowned for its wine.


Algarve in Portugal has it all! The beaches in the sunny weather are alluring enough to have the best vacation of your life. It is also famous for its mouth-watering cuisines such as fresh fish and sea and also for its various fruits and vegetables. These amazing resorts will make you go gaga! Have a look!

Tivoli Marina Vilamoura Algarve Resort: this desirable resort is a destination in itself! It has spacious rooms with balconies. And if you are a sucker for the oceans, this one is just for you!

The Residences at Victoria Algarve: This 5-star hotel is for all the perfectionists who are always blabbering about the perfect infrastructure and decorations. So if you are one of them, this one is just for you!

Tivoli Carvoeiro Algarve Resort: This resort has it all! From the giant 248 well-furnished bedrooms and suites to the family rooms for your entire family!

Tivoli Marina Portimão Algarve Resort: Where innovation meets sophistication! This 4-star hotel could go with the vintage lovers as well as the touch of innovative, carefully designed rooms could appeal a modern decoration lover!

Tivoli Lagos Algarve Resort: peace lover? This is definitely for you! As it is built in the style of the small village yet has everything of the lively Lagos.

Anantara Vilamoura Algarve Resort: some places are just hard to miss! In the current Instagram era, everyone wants a picturesque location and this is just it!


Brazil has some amazing landscapes – beaches, cliff-hanging sand dunes, rivers, waterfalls and lakes, tropical rainforest and verdant pampas grazing land. Its cuisines are an attraction to thousands of food lovers around the globe. Brazil is known for its party-friendly environment. TIVOLI ECORESORT PRAIA DO FORTE BAHIA: The warm Bahia and its amazing cuisines will allure you to come visit this place!

TIVOLI MOFARREJ SÃO PAULO HOTEL: Contemporary luxury and sleek design will definitely allure anyone to go visit this hotel.


Qatar is famous for its extravagance and the Persian Gulf, rich culture it carries. For the foreigners, the desert dunes and dry sands hold great interest.

Al Bidda Boutique Hotel: Are you one of those heritage explorers? Then this hotel is just for you! It has the Qatar heritage in its truest of sense.

Al Najada Boutique Hotel: This hotel could count as an architectural marvel, so if you are a sucker for a great architect, then this is just for you!

Al Jomrok Boutique Hotel: history has great importance and historical buildings have greater values! This hotel is the one having it all!

Al Jasra Boutique Hotel: a blend of haute designs and modernity sounds amazing, no? This is where you’re every single need will be taken good care of!

Al Mirqab Boutique Hotel: the unique Arab personalities and traditional designs would be a welcoming sight.

Arumaila Boutique Hotel: we often see millennial lingo making turns so if you are the millennial-minded traveler, this place is just for you!

Bismillah Boutique Hotel: it has the privilege to be Qatar’s oldest hotel with historic values and chic designs. Pay a visit to have it all!

Musheireb Boutique Hotel: Millennials! Another one for you! It has elite access to the treasure of Souq Waqif. Come and have a look! Najd Boutique Hotel: Arabian designs stand out for their historic values. But when it meets modernity, it’s over the moon!


Atlantis the palm is one of the prestigious and luxurious 5-star property of hotel rooms in the world.  It is known to be home to one of the largest aqua venture water parks in the Middle East. They provide you comfort and luxury all at the same time. If you are planning for a family holiday, it could be your perfect go-to choice as most of their rooms are interconnected. Accommodation, restaurants, bars, facilities – they have everything for you to get your hands on!

It has a variety of rooms and suites, suitable for your needs and moods. The ocean rooms, the palm room, the imperial club rooms – all of them could accommodate a family of 6 persons. Choose your king sized bed or 2 queens sized beds and have the privilege to experience some of the best views of Dubai. Suites, on the other hand, are the perfect amalgamation of luxury and comfort where you can enjoy your dining and or click your excellent sun-kissed selfies! You can have an elevator, a chef of your choice, a giant dining area, a large terrace for sunbathing, a grand area offering 270 degrees of view and what not! Sounds incredible, no?

If all these things didn’t entice you already, Atlantis the palm has more in store for you! Ever thought of becoming an aqua venturous person? If yes, then they have you covered! Adrenaline will sure rush through your veins as there are 17 incredibly fun-flowing rides for your entire family to enjoy. Don’t forget to drop by and say hi to the friendly dolphins! Play with them, ride with them, laugh with them! As they provide you with one of the most exciting and sophisticated dolphin habitats in the world. There is this newest addition in the Atlantis family- the South African fur seal- you wouldn’t want to miss playing and kissing them as well! Fun and adventure, all in one. Now it’s time to relax! After you are done with all these exhilarating ventures, come back home and soothe your raging nerves as they provide you with the spectacular service of the spa.

Take care of yourself and get indulge in sheer luxury and well-being. All the gym lovers out there have their need to be in shape, they need not worry! Even on the holiday, they can burn their body fat as Atlantis the palm provides you with excellent gym services.

All of these amazing attractions could be availed using the travel trolly discount code in the exciting prizes. You can have it all to your liking and almost everything controlled just by trusting the travel trolly and then you are good to go!


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