Important points on how to find a good hostess for any event

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The most memorable part of an event may not be the quality of food or the décor but the impression created by the hostess. The hostess who greets visitors with a bright smile leaves a powerful first impression and can make or break your event’s success. But finding the right hostess is something you don’t leave up to a chance. You have to post a job article, collect application, and screen every application and interview them before you hire them in your team.

Finding the perfect Dubai models female takes a lot of effort and search. Here is the list of useful tips you can use to find the best hostess for your event.

Find one who is kind, friendly, and caring

The first rule of hiring a good hostess is to look for some who is friendly, caring, and kind. They should be considerate and thoughtful for you to work with. The important thing is that they should be able to leave a lasting impression on your guest instantly since they are the first people a guest meets.

Make ‘em smile

The thing that really gets your guest when they enter with an enormous smile from your hostess. Hire a person who can walk and greets your guests with a bright smile.

Bring out their personality

It is important that you hire a hostess with a great personality, after all, it the hostess who has to deliver the good or bad news to the guests.

To learn more about the hostess’s personality, pay close attention to how they respond to your questions. The person who is polite, cheerful, and responsive is the one you should look for. You can also put them in a random situation and ask them what they will do in such a situation. Based on their reply you can decide whether you should hire this person or not.

Ask strange questions

A hostess has to deal with a lot of strange questions and requests all the time. The best way to whether the hostess can handle weird and strange question is by asking them yourself. You can ask a few random questions and observe their response. If the answers are satisfactory that means you can hire them.

Calm under Pressure

Handling an event is a stressful job, there are so many moments that can put you under a lot of pressure. An ideal hostess won’t be rattled under that kind of pressure. You want someone in your team who can keep their cool under heavy stress and convey calm to the guest waiting outside.

To determine whether they can handle tough situations or not is by putting them in a difficult scenario. If you are satisfied with the way the hostess handles herself, then they are fit to join your team.

Get them talking

A hostess’s job relies on communication, after all, there is nothing else for them to do except talk to your guests. Because the job involves a lot of talking, you want to hire a hostess who is confident and fluent in speaking the language. To determine the fluency, all you have to do is keep on talking with them during the interview session. This way you will be able to identify whether the hostess is fluent or not.

Make sure they can amuse themselves

A hostess has to stand around a lot and do nothing. If you hire a hostess who has a bright smile and great communication skills but wanders off after every hour from her station because she is bored is not going to work well for your business. Ask your candidate about how they amuse themselves when they are bored of standing around and doing nothing. You can judge by their way of talking whether they are giving an honest or fake answer.

Stand out from the crowd

The best way to pick the best hostess is to have your pick from a pool of talented people. But how do you get these potential hostesses banging down your doors and wanting to work for you? The answer is simple, you offer them a good salary and perks. Every person wants perk along with their salary. If you hire them great benefits and growth opportunities, they will come rushing down your door.

The truth is everyone is looking for a talented, smart, and kind hostess and there are not enough people with these skills to go around. So, it is best to give yourself an unfair hiring advantage so that you can hire great and talented people who will work for you.