5 Natural Secrets to Staying on Your Toes

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Distractions, distractions, distractions… Everywhere you go, there’s always something that can get you distracted. It doesn’t matter when or where. Distractions are common annoying things that each one of us encounters each day, especially today when these distractions are things we carry in our hands or pockets. This digital age has brought about portable diversions, super quick passing trends, and short attention spans.

Staying focused has, without a doubt, become a challenge.

In fact, most people can’t help but glance at their phones from time to time, no matter what they’re doing at the moment.  When something happens—be it a happy event like a dog suddenly being goofy or a not-so-happy one like a drunken fight breaking out in a bar—people never fail to snatch their phones, open their camera apps, take videos or photos, and post them online. 

Nowadays, being in the moment is not as common as before.

Using our phones has become second nature to us to the point where these devices seem like permanently attached parts of our bodies. It has also come to the point where technology has been drawing us away from doing productive work. 

When your enemy is a tangible device filled with a myriad of intangible digital distractions, you have to come up with traditional yet effective solutions. Read on and find out the natural secrets to staying on your toes.

Eliminate distractions 

Of course, the answer to any problem is getting to the root of it. That’s why the first thing you must do to keep focused is to tackle the problem head-on. 

When you’re surrounded by distractions, why not keep them out of sight, out of mind? If you’re always on your phone and can’t avoid periodically checking your feed, then keep it in a locked drawer and ask someone to hide the key for you. 

This might sound too extreme for most, but it’s one of the most effective ways to combat “nomophobia” or the fear of being without a mobile phone. It’s also great for eliminating bad habits and building good ones. 

Kickstart your mornings

They say that what you do in the mornings can define the rest of your day. So start your day right—it doesn’t hurt to do so anyway. Instead of reaching for your phone to check your notifications, try drinking a glass of water or more, find a quiet spot in your home, and meditate. 

Meditation can bring lots of benefits to your mind, body, and soul. More specifically, it can declutter your mind, relieve stress, and improve your focus and attention span, among many other things. This is especially beneficial today when overthinking is the bane of our existence. For better meditation and relaxation, here’s a tip: diffuse essential oils for meditation and force yourself to meditate every morning so that you can get used to this healthy habit

Take a break

No one is immune to the possibility of reaching one’s boiling point. Burnout is as real as it gets—and you know it. 

For this very reason, you have to take a break—whether it’s short or a week-long—whenever you need it. No one’s going to judge you for it, especially if a break’s going to do you (and your company) good. 

If you feel like your energy’s slipping through your fingers, stand up from your chair and stretch. Maybe walk around a little. Do whatever you think can help restore your energy, focus, and motivation—as long as it’s healthy, of course!

Surround yourself with things that keep you on track

Remember the first secret to staying on your toes? About eliminating distractions? Well, after you keep distractions out of sight, identify the things that help you focus and surround yourself with them. 

This tip might sound superficial, but it might just do the trick of helping you stay on track. Human beings are habitual creatures, and we are hardwired to respond to physical stimuli. That said, there’s something about being surrounded by tangible things that appeal to our sensory experience and, in turn, subconsciously trigger us to be productive.

If a photo of your dog can help you feel motivated at work, then print, frame, and put it on your desk. Or better yet, you can clean your desk and keep only a few things that you think can help you focus.

Remember your goals—always

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you have to be always reminded of the reasons why you want to improve your productivity. In other words, find a way to remember your goals. Whether it’s a mind map or a vision board, you need to have something that keeps you motivated. 

Glance or stare at it at different times of the day. This way, you’ll never forget why you’re pushing yourself to focus on your works. Visualizing your dreams and plans can help you keep your vision in mind and thus keep you on track.

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