Thwart Porch Pirates Taking Advantage Of COVID-19

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The WHO and CDC strongly recommend staying indoors, self-isolation, and social distancing as a measure to curb the spread of COVID-19. However, this is taking a toll on people’s mental health and financial position. It is no wonder that the economic pressure is encouraging porch pirates to tame off with packages delivered at people’s doorstep. This is making the pandemic harder since online shopping is the most recommended way to get basics.

Why cases of stolen packages are increasing amid COVID-19

Porch pirates are now taking advantage of safety measures by delivery drivers to keep themselves safe from coronavirus. To limit exposure amid the escalating online shopping, drivers are advised to avoid touching gate latches, doorknobs, and other frequently touched surfaces. This makes them sometimes to leave packages in exposed locations instead of customers’ doors. Porch pirates find it easy to see the packages.

Home security devices you can use to ruin a porch pirate’s mission

Outdoor cameras

You can also rely on home security systems in Bakersfield including outdoor cameras to capture surveillance videos of porch pirates at your doorstep. Afterward, you can share this with the police to apprehend the culprit or on social media. The ideal outdoor camera withstands harsh weather conditions while offering a wide field of view. Additionally, outdoor cameras offer high definition images to give a clear view of the pirate’s unique features like tattoos for easy identification.

Reliable outdoor cameras have motion sensors to record when someone comes in range. This limits capturing long hours of footage you don’t need. The security system should also have smart video analytics to distinguish between items approaching your home.  This allows sending alerts on your smart device to see who is on your porch. Ideal outdoor cameras operate wirelessly for easy installation with night vision to catch late-night visitors.

Doorbell cameras

This adds an extra layer of security and functionality. A doorbell camera is a traditional doorbell fitted with a powerful security camera. This uses motion-sensing technology to detect movement at your doorstep. Porch pirates don’t ring the doorbell but this camera alerts you and captures a high definition video of whatever happens. So, you will know when someone is lurking at your door or innocently knocks without ringing the bell.

The doorbell camera comes with a mobile app to tabs in who is at your doorstep wherever you are. This allows alerting police or warning off the intruder through a two-way radio to get off your property. You also have a chance to see whether it’s a salesman or other person at the door. This convenience of dealing with visitors also has night vision for reliability at any time of day.

Smart lock

This handy device allows keyless entry with remote locking and unlocking while keeping tabs on anyone entering your home. Smart locks enhance home security with versatile features like working seamlessly with other security devices like doorbell cameras. When a delivery guy comes to your doorstep, you receive a notification.

So, you can remotely open the door from any part of the house and tell him to place the package inside. You can ask the agent to show their ID before unlocking the door. This limits leaving your packages at the porch to avoid attracting pirates.

Motion sensor porch lights

Thieves usually take advantage of the darkness to strike. With everyone locked home, porch pirates are on the prowl for packages ordered online. With delivery companies having to deal with the spike in orders, there is a chance of late deliveries. You might not tell that your package arrived until the next morning. Unfortunately, some porch pirates prefer stroking under the cover of darkness to snatch such packages. Porch lights with motion sensors turn on when movement is detected within their range. This scares off the attackers once their cover is blown off.

Bait packages

Finally, some thieves keep updating their tactics keeping homeowners on the edge. If all the above options prove not to be effective as expected, consider planting bait packages on your doorstep. These are fitted with GPS trackers to allow catching the unscrupulous individuals. Whenever the bait is picked, you notify the police to track and apprehend the suspect. This is likely to scare off other potential thieves off your premises.

Common tactics used by porch pirates

  • Trailing delivery vans
  • Carjacking delivery vehicles
  • Switching packages with a smaller one
  • Arriving immediately after the real delivery guy has left
  • Disguising as delivery guys, nurses, and nuns

Bottom line

Shopping online today is the best way to keep getting basic supplies while maintaining social distancing. With more packages getting delivered at doorsteps, porch pirates are dashing them. To keep your packages safe, use a combination of the strategies shared above. Team up with a security company for a home security system that will thwart porch pirates from succeeding in their missions. 

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