Top 10 Benefits Of Fibre Optic Internet Connection For Business Owners

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All those who are familiar with types of broadband internet must be aware of Fiber Internet. Apart from just being fast, Fiber Internet has many advantages. You can do countless activities on Fiber Internet while maintaining the same internet speed. Fiber optic internet is fast, reliable & consistent, but that’s not all. With the help of a fiber internet connection, you can ensure the effective functioning of your business.

Here are the Top Benefits of Fiber Optic Internet Connection

Unmatched Speed

The top benefits of fiber optic cable include lighting fast internet speed. Fiber optic is better than copper wire because it uses glass cables to deliver the internet. It is much faster and secure in comparison to copper wire cables. Fiber optic internet connection can provide internet speed of up to 2 GBPS. However, that connection is extremely costly and not much widely available. 

As a business owner, you must need an internet connection that offers your unparalleled internet speed all the time. Research showed that slow internet costs employees’ precious time and decreases efficiency. As a business owner, you would want the best possible internet connection. That’s where fiber internet connection comes in. 

Cloud Access

Most of the companies now days believe in cloud storage. Cloud access is innovation redefined as you can store as much data as you want. Over 90% of the world’s top-level organizations are using cloud access. Being the state of the art technology, Cloud storage takes up a lot of bandwidth. Cable Internet connection can’t keep up with the task of uploading thousands of GB of data at one time. 

The fast and secured glass lines of Fiber-optic connection comes handy while completing this task. With a fiber internet connection, your business doesn’t have to face any more delays with the storage task. As businesses are moving more and more towards cloud-based services, Fiber optic internet connection is crucial for seamless working. 

Non-Stop Reliable Services

With a fiber internet connection, you can ensure that work goes as smoothly as ever. Fiber optic cables have a significant edge over Copper wire-based internet connection as fiber is much stronger than copper cables. Bad weather can not stall internet connections. Fiber internet connection is resistant to human or electrical interference. Unless Fiber cables are cut physically, they will keep on providing seamless internet service. 

If you are working on a deadline and your internet connection goes out suddenly. It can cost your business some heavy damage. Any unprepared downtime to business can cost you much more than getting a fiber internet connection ever would. If your company relies completely on the internet for even the smallest of tasks then a reliable internet connection is needed. 

Signal Connectivity

While using the traditional broadband internet connection, the signal connectivity decreases as you move farther away from the switch. Another benefit of fiber optic internet services is the fact that the connection doesn’t degrade with the increasing distance. 

Organizations that are spread over a large area should choose Fiber Internet as their primary choice. Getting a connection with strong internet connectivity is probably the best option as it won’t let the work hamper. 

More Speed, More Bandwidth

For businesses that have a high need for data transmission, it’s very easy to hit the data cap. As a business, you won’t have to worry about that as most fiber-optic connections have unlimited bandwidth. Well, Internet service providers may try to promote them that way but they aren’t truly unlimited. The data limit is significantly higher than the cable broadband connection. 

Plus, you won’t have to deal with horrible internet with the increasing demand for internet bandwidth. You can easily accomplish all your tasks while maintaining an impressive internet speed.

  • Web Conferencing
  • Streaming high-quality video content
  • File sharing
  • Cloud-Based Applications

These activities consume the maximum amount of data and if your ordinary cable internet connection can’t keep up with this heavy usage then it’s the right time to switch to fiber optic. 

Say Hello to Symmetric Speed

Symmetric speed is a term widely used for equal upload and download speed. With Fiber internet connectivity your employees can work better with equal uploading and downloading speeds. 

Now if you are wondering why your business needs symmetrical speeds, then let me paint you a picture. Your team is working on a crucial project and all of you are uploading and downloading important content at the same time. If the speeds are not equal then it can cause a delay in working. Although symmetrical speed isn’t something a business relies on but still it can benefit your employees. 

NO Latency

Latency is the term used for delays that occur while exchanging data over an internet connection. With a fiber-optic connection, the chances of Latency go down to almost zero. All those who use cable internet are very well aware of the concept of Latency. If minimal functions of your business depend on Internet connection then you’d want to remove Latency to increase efficiency. Without Latency, you get access to:

  • Better voice quality for VoIP users
  • Faster uploads to the cloud
  • Download/Upload huge files without interruptions
  • Improved efficiency and coordination between employees. 

Secure Internet Connections

Fiber optic connection just doesn’t improve efficiency. It also adds an extra layer of security from hackers and all those who are looking to steal your data. With Cable internet connection it is relatively easy to steal data with methods like cable tapping and bandwidth sharing. The only way you can steal data with a fiber optic connection is if you cut the wires physically, which will cause the signals to disappear. Fiber-optic connection is one strong way to increase your company’s protection.

Cost Saving with Fiber Internet

Fast internet is known to increase productivity and morale. Some research states that due to slow internet a Week’s worth of time is wasted in a year. To make up for that wasted time, a high-speed internet connection is required. This will, in turn, increase the profits for your organization. Additional security, seamless connectivity all the time benefits the business in many ways. 

HD Video with Fiber-Optic Connection

If you are working with clients overseas then teleconferencing and video conferencing with clients is necessary. Cable internet connection can give out any time and leave you stranded amid your video conference. With Fiber Internet connection you can expect HD video all the time. It is common sense that companies can save thousands of dollars on business travels if HD video conferencing service is available. 

Cons of Fiber Internet Connectivity

All good things come with a cost, as good as Fiber internet is. It still has some cons:

  • Financial investment in installing Fiber optic connection
  • Higher monthly fees than traditional Cable connections
  • Limited availability

Depending on where you live, your options for a fiber internet connectivity may be limited. As fiber is expensive to install and most of the areas don’t have the architecture yet to handle Fiber connection, you may end up compromising. 

Gear up for a High-Speed Life

Fiber optic internet connection is truly awesome but the availability is still limited. If you are looking for better speed and reliability in your internet connection, then you can just ask your local satellite service provider for a fiber internet connection. It is pretty easy to switch to a fiber connection, the installation cost can be a little expensive, but still, it’s a cost you can pay for High-speed internet connection.

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