5 Things To Give Importance In The E-Commerce Photography

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90% of all information processed by the human brain is done in the form of visuals, images. You’re likely to remember a picture you saw online than the text you read or came across.

  • In the world of e-commerce, good photos are the grease without which all your marketing efforts would grind to a halt. As a marketer or photographer, you have to keenly understand how e-commerce works, how the human mind works, and intertwine the two.
  • In online shopping, the buyer can not touch or hold the item to ascertain its value or worth. Instead, they rely on photos you have posted on your e-commerce site. The will click on the product photos, zoom, and try to look at the images from different perspectives to understand the product better.
  •  Woe unto you if your photos are of low quality because you’ll be doomed to failure. It doesn’t matter how attractive the text on your site is; as long as the images aren’t compelling, you have already lost it.  The secret lies in taking good, eye-catching images that are convincing to the consumer.  Good photos will help the consumer understand your brand better and consequently; this leads to better conversions.
  • Get as many product photos as possible, from different angles and elevations. With so many images, it’ll be easier picking the best and editing it to make it the perfect shot.
  • Whether you’re dealing with Etsy, eBay, or an own e-commerce site, the rules are the same; you’ll need high-quality images with high resolutions.
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Here are five essential things to consider when taking e-commerce photos;

  1. You must have a tripod/steady surface; it takes more than just an excellent camera to get crisp and sharp images. Shaking and making unnecessary movements will only make your photos look blurred and unprofessional.  The first rule of thumb when taking an e-commerce photo; always have a tripod or steady surface. This could be anything from a box, table, basically, anything that will help minimise shaking during a shoot.
  2.  High-resolution shots; nothing is as disappointing as zooming an image only to be met by a low quality, lox pixel image. In e-commerce, you want the consumer to get all the details of your product in the best way possible. In this regard, you have to use a high-resolution camera to capture the essentials of your image.  Try to get as close as possible to your subject so you can capture the finest details.
  3. Clean, neutral backdrops; it is easy to be tempted to use a fancy, busy background thinking it’ll be more attractive. Wrong! Remember the old mantra that less is more? Busy backgrounds will only confuse and distract shoppers; it makes their eyes wander from the main subject which is your product. Black and white backgrounds are simplistic; they make the editing and retouching process very easy.
  4. Capture all details; ever noticed that serious e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay take multiple shots, from different angles to capture all features of a product?  You need to show shoppers all aspects and details of a product. For instance, if you’re selling a shoe, try and get front shots, back shots, side shots, even underneath shots. This way, you’ll convince the shopper beyond reasonable doubt that your product is exactly what they were looking for.
  5. Minimize the usage of props; so you’re selling a nice pair of designer shoes. But the photo you post is of a model with a lovely dress, cute hairstyle, and the shoes you’re selling. Well, this confuses the shopper and makes them get distracted. They may end up researching about the dress and hairstyle, forgetting the shoe you were trying to promote.  Show the shoppers only what you’re selling; leave other distractions out of the image.
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